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alstry (< 20)

There is no such thing as a "BAILOUT"



September 30, 2010 – Comments (3)

This could be one of the most ridiculous headlines ever!!!!

Whitney: U.S. may face bailout for states

The U.S. "bailout" the states????????

The U.S. is running over a Trillion dollar deficit as it is.....the U.S. doesn't have any capacity to "bailout" anything.......

The U.S. is simply printing money and handing it to anything it pleases....Trillions to large Wall Street banks....companies that Warren Buffett invests....but not giving much to private businesses....especially since over half of America works for small businesses.

THESE ARE HANDOUTS.....NOT BAILOUTS!!!!!!  You think the poor are getting handouts.....nothing even close to what Wall Street and Washington is getting.

When government has unlimited access to credit......GOVERNMENT HAS UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!!!...government doesn't need your tax receipts can simply borrow whatever it needs....IT IS ALREADY BORROWING MORE THAN THE TOTAL ANNUAL TAX RECEIPTS.

It has the power to ARBITRARILY pick and choose what lives and dies.....what get's funded and what doesn't....who gets to own something and who doesn't........WITHOUT ANY DUE PROCESS OF LAW.

You get credit you don't get credit you DIE....digitally invert economically.

Right now, since D.C. has unlimited access to credit.....D.C. is flourishing.....lobbyists making millions and politicians living lavish lifestyles simply because D.C. can borrow unlimited amounts of money and HAND IT to itself....yet the citizens fail?

Right now, much of the rest of the nation is decaying.....simply because it can't get access to credit to handout to itself.

Bailout the states????  With what?  Washington can't even generate enough revenues to fund its current operations......but it doesn't stop the politicians and bankers from handing themselves billions.....while the rest of the nation continues to shut down.

Foreclosures Sales Reach 43% in California

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital - 70 to 100

East Jefferson General Hospital LA - 50

Aerospace manufacturer ATK - Confirms 426 Layoffs

Palatin Technologies - 50% of Workforce

Intermap Technologies Corp. - 17% of workforce

RBS - 500

WARNING:  THE ONLY PEOPLE TELLING YOU THERE IS A RECOVERY ARE THOSE GETTING HANDOUTS!!!!!!!!!.........and just wait until the people figure this more and more DIE

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#1) On September 30, 2010 at 5:16 PM, BillyTG (29.43) wrote:

I think there's some kind of federal law requiring states never to operate in debt or deficit. So, basically Washington DC has said it's cool for itself to rack up trillions of dollars of debt, but the states have to balance their checkbooks.

 Anyways, I feel you. Our economy is ugly, ugly, ugly. How will they bailout the states? By printing more money and incurring a greater federal debt.

The whole thing is disgusting and makes me want to puke. 

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#2) On September 30, 2010 at 5:55 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

Money is no longer money....."money" is credit and now credit is a hand out.

Credit is is power....power is is freedom.

The Federal government and Wall Street should NEVER be able to obtain credit is quantities disproportionately to the citizens.  He who has the credit has the power and he who doesn't DIEs.  If you have unlimited credit, you have unlimited power and unlimited power almost always corrupts absolutely.

It is essentially violating the the basic foundation of the Constitution that All Men Are Created Equal and Equal Justice For All.

You are only "equal" or have equal "justice" if you or your investments have access to credit or work for someone that has access to credit.

And credit is being arbitraily handed out and withdrawn by Washington and Wall Street without any due process or legal controls.

Public homebuilders have credit....Private ones DON"T!!!!

Wall Street Banks have credit....smaller private banks DON'T!!!

Washington has credit...State and Local government are getting cut off of credit!!!!

We now live under a fascist type system with little in the way of rule of law keeping in things in check.

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#3) On September 30, 2010 at 8:45 PM, oshiri (< 20) wrote:

Happy end of the 3rd quarter Comrade!

     I went grocery shopping on Wednesday and suddenly realize, everything is more expensive than it was last week. I was gonna write you Sempai about this, but then I got to busy with my wine.

     Anyway, I see this today and no wonder gold's goin' crazy . . .

Wal-Mart's Prices Rise to Highest in Almost Two Years

     I was gonna buy me some ground sheep (re. lamb), but I ain't paying $8.99 lb after farmer Barack and veterinarian Benny have had their (financial) way with the mutton?

     I know winter is coming Fools (for those in the northern confines), but y'all better be thinking what vegies to plant in your yard come spring. If sheep eat carrots, you're probably facing more than $1.50 lb next year.

     And it goes without saying Comrade Alstrymous that it's time to invest in any number of cases of vino that'll fit in one's basement.

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