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megalon81 (< 20)

Things have Changed, No?



August 20, 2013 – Comments (0)

Is it me, or has Fooldom moved from written items to interview/roundtable type items in its Heaadline materials?  I don't mean a total abandonment of written reports, but as a percentage of all stories, have video presentations of interviews, etc become a dominant form?  I am not sure I like it.  I know I read more effectively than I listen, and I just plain enjoy learning from the written word.  But I also dislike roundtable type formats because they mimic conversation without allowing for real interaction between people.  Persona A, B, C and D sit around a table.  Each of them respond to the same question or issue, but without listening to, building upon or even taking into account each others answers.  In a similar vein, I find videos of people being interviewed uninspiring (unless a really good interviewer is involved), because a real conversation, explanation, substantive discussion rarely occurs.

 Of course, I may be in an extreme minority here.  I know that the dominance of television has made almost anything video more attractive than simple text to lots of people.  But I was wondering if this is a decision based trend, or simply a "things just happened to go this way" kind of thing.  It might not even be a trend at all.

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