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Think Of Egypt As The First Subprime Country To Collapse



February 11, 2011 – Comments (0)

As the crowds CHEER the military take over.

And Bernanke is telling you Subprime is contained;)

But those of us who have been through this before AND GOT IT RIGHT know different.

As the Industrial Age goes bankrupt.......and the world as we know it collapses......

We are going to need organizational structure to step in to bridge us to the convulsive transition to the Digital Age.......

The military is the perfect organiztion and structure to maintain control in such as convulsive period as humanity advances into a more sustainable living model.

As I have told you all is not the end of the world....simply the end of the world as you know it......and the beginning of the Digital Age where the world can learn in virtual classrooms and connect via the internet globally and instantly.

It is an Udder World being and the transition is being  tracked at

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