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This Is Why Alstry Is The Only True Investor At Motley Fool



December 07, 2011 – Comments (0)

Without Freedom.......there is no such concept as "investing"


Udder World will be focusing on the interchangability of these words in an Industrial Society.

Human PRODUCTION is what everyone strives for everyday. Our own PRODUCTION and that of others. We must have PRODUCTION(food, water, shelter, fuel) to survive and few are really self-sufficient anymore.
Every war in human history has been fought over PRODUCTION. Whether it was fought by one trying to have the fundemental FREEDOM to retain their own production, or whether it was one trying to forcibly take the PRODUCTION of others.

In our current economic system, it is MONEY that allows us to obtain the PRODUCTION of others. Generally, it is our PRODUCTION that generates MONEY....or at least it is supposed to be that way.....and if we have MONEY, we have the FREEDOM to obtain PRODUCTON(including food, water and shelter) and the FREEDOM to survive.

If we don't have MONEY, we become similar to the millions of Africans who have little FREEDOM and die of starvation everyday because they don't have MONEY to buy PRODUCTON/basic needs.

When one is forced to labor for MONEY so he/she can eat.......but another can simply print essentially unlimited amounts of MONEY....the one forced to labor for the other that can print is no different than the slave forced to labor for food, water, and shelter from the master.

Today, Wall Street can print as much MONEY was it wants for itself......Main Street is FORCED to labor for Wall Streets MONEY, if those on Main Street can find a job.......and without even knowing it, Main Street has become the functional slaves of Wall Street and have little or no FREEDOM....except this time around, the color of your skin is irrelevant.

If you think Al Qaeda was trying to take away your FREEDOM.......Wall Street actually did it for most of America without anyone really knowing...including my legal collegues....when Wall Street started printing essentially unlimited amounts of WE THE PEOPLE's MONEY in 2009 and only giving it to a few.

A women just shot herself and her children yesterday from Zombulation because she couldn't get food stamps to feed her family...yet TAXPAYER bailed out Wall Street wussies get to strip bars every night blowing tens of thousands of taxpayer supplied dollars.

And you Fools are playing in this corrupt and immoral system stealing the nation's MONEY/PRODUCTION and enslaving your fellow should have quit in 9.09. 

You are no longer investors, you are accomplices to theft.

Men and women died for this nation defending our FREEDOMS.........and you support those actively taking it away from millions of Americans everyday.

I was the personal representative of the estate of a highly decorated war hero.....when he was alive, he tought me what it meant to have date, I can count on one hand the number of CAPs players fit the definition.....and the Gardner Brothers are at the back of the line.

But this one pretty cool guy once said....forgive them for they know not what they do.

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