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alstry (< 20)

Time is RUNNING OUT..9.09



September 14, 2009 – Comments (19)

Cities, Counties and States are struggling and running out of money across America.  Over the past few years, they collectively borrowed trillions of dollars to build new buildings, schools, hospitals and convention centers when the tax receipts were flowing.  Now that money is evaporating, the deficits are mounting as covering interest obligations are becoming more and more difficult to service.

As a result, practically all are laying off and slashing wages making it very difficult for workers to meet monthly obligations.  Some are even being compelled to stand in food lines for assistance. The impact is being felt by thousands of municipalities and tens of millions of Americans.

Due to Zombulation policies, our consumption economy is rapidly coming to an end....and there are hundreds of millions of Americans dependent on the consumption economy to survive, tens of trillions of debt that was incurred due to the consumption economy, and very high salaries paid that benefitted from the consumption economy which are all starting to fail and fade quickly.

Unfortunately, the only thing not fading is the high cost of living and very high interest payments.

This was all very foreseeable when you Zombulate an economy that produces very little outside of what its own citizens consume... add in the fact that most of the recent consumption was based on credit that the Zombulator provided WITH MONEY IT NEVER REALLY HAD and you have an economy very susceptible to be destroyed by the Zombulator.

Now the Zombulator is out in full force unleashing the September Slasher and suffocating revenues to our families, businesses, and municipalities.

CIB struggling to cover $47B deficit

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - Layoffs may soon be on the way for workers at the Indiana Convention Center. It's just part of the ongoing money woes for the Capital Improvement Board.

Hikes in hospitality taxes helped pay for the convention expansion under way right now but there is no money to market the added space.

There was trillions of dollars of new contruction built over the past five years to support the consumption economy...but now the Zombulator destroying consumption and telling us its time to save......unfortunately there are tens of millions of jobs, loans, and municipalities dependent on the consumption economy to function and if spending is is the revenues.

Well, just like Alstry would know in 9.09 that MOAP was here....the leveraged consumption economy that the United States built over 50 years is coming to an end....and so is most of the stuff depdendent on it and the values of the assets within it.

It is not the end of the world nor is it doom and gloom.  Just the end of a prosperous era that many of us took for granted.  Most of the current jobs in America will evaporate as relatively few are needed in a savings economy.....but eventually, who knows when, a new technology will develop and hopefully be big enough to put us back on a growth path again....with a much improved lifestyle.

But under the current Zombulation policies including raising interest rates and cutting off credit while bailing out bankers, we KNOW that things will get worse as banks are being incentivized NOT to lend by receiving interest on reserves.  Why risk and lend when the FED or Treasury will give you a guaranteed payment and a very good rate....AFTER bailing you out.

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be anything right now on the horizon nor does the Zombulator seem like it wants to help the citizens and restructure debt as the bailed out bankers get a free ride.  The only ones getting bailed out is Wall Street as tens of millions of Americans are getting kicked out of their homes and put out on the streets.

The anger is rising as we enter 9.09....and the anger is rising around the world as more and more go broke.  The citizens are agitated by their condition and many nations are rapidly building their military infastructure.  The conditions are parallel to other times prior to major conflicts.  When your people are hungry and out of work, you must find something for them to do or they might turn on you.

And right now, the Zombulator and September Slasher is putting many out of work and shutting down businesses as we move through 9.09

Chart Industries - 90

York County - 24

Rainbow Play Systems - 60 more job cuts?

NY State to cut 3,722 Jobs Over next 2 Years

Update: Radford University to start Layoffs

Indiana Convention Center Considers Layoffs

The Technical Ordnance Inc - 19

Maryland Public Television - 18

Update: East St Louis - 13 Firefighters and 5 others

Update: Eli Lilly - 5,500

Arnold Engineering Center - 132

Muscular Dystrophy Association - 120+

GE - 160

Eli Lilly - Layoffs coming by 2011

City of Farmington - Total 60 Job Cuts

Putnam County - 32 layoffs?

West Melbourne - 7 Public Works Jobs

Village of Oswego - Plans Layoffs

Michigan Community Mental Health Authority - 5

Serbia ( International ) - to cut 20% of State Jobs under IMF Plan

Village Bank Closing 3 out of its 4 Branches

Myers Industries  to close 2 Plants - Cut 158 Jobs

Sick Stegmann Inc closes - 38 jobs gone

Blockbuster in Billings closing this week

RBS - Closing Overseas Commercial Unit

Kohler Plant in Searcy Closing by Nov 25 - 57 Layoffs

The Museum Shop in Aurora 

Philadelphia to close all Free Public Libraries Oct 2??

New Knox County - Plan New Central Library and close 8 others

Elizabeth's Elegant Bridal  

Star Surfing Company 

The Red Wing Shoe Store in Great Falls

Anyone have any idea how many are being hired for each person fired??? And how many are getting wage increases for each wage decrease???

19 Comments – Post Your Own

#1) On September 14, 2009 at 9:40 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

US worried about Venezuelan arms buildup...

The world has not tackled the problems at the heart of the economic downturn and is likely to slip back into recession, according to one of the few mainstream economists who predicted the financial crisis.

Speaking at the Sibos conference in Hong Kong on Monday, William White, the highly-respected former chief economist at the Bank for International Settlements, also warned that government actions to help the economy in the short run may be sowing the seeds for future crises.

“Are we going into a W[-shaped recession]? Almost certainly. Are we going into an L? I would not be in the slightest bit surprised,” he said, referring to the risks of a so-called double-dip recession or a protracted stagnation like Japan suffered in the 1990s.

“The only thing that would really surprise me is a rapid and sustainable recovery from the position we’re in.”

He said there was a conflict between the private, short term interest of financial groups to maximise profits and the public interest of effective financial intermediation that provided support to the economy. “This conflict has not been talked about much, if at all, even in central banking forums,” he said.

Alstry has talked about the conflict ad nauseum.

Stiglitz Says Banking Problems Are Now Bigger Than Pre-Lehman : Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize- winning economist, said the U.S. has failed to fix the underlying problems of its banking system after the credit crunch and the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.


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#2) On September 14, 2009 at 9:53 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:


The US economy has not really recovered from last year’s financial crisis, and the policies of the Federal Reserve, the US’s central bank, are ensuring that the suffering will continue much longer than necessary, US House Rep. Ron Paul told CNN on Monday.

“They claim there’s a recovery but the recovery ought to be measured by the people working. True unemployment is now 16 percent, and the people who lost money have not regained the money. The people who lost houses have not gotten their houses back. There is no recovery,” said Paul.

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#3) On September 14, 2009 at 10:01 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

IT IS NOT A RECOVERY...IT IS A COVER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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#4) On September 14, 2009 at 10:50 PM, anticitrade (98.45) wrote:

I agree...  Time is running out....  Pretty soon 9.09 will be over and you are going to look a little silly.

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#5) On September 14, 2009 at 11:04 PM, prose976 (< 20) wrote:

Alstry, the month is going to pass and you're going to have to cover all those shorts.  To make matters worse, you're going to lose your shirt!  :)

Fool on!

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#6) On September 14, 2009 at 11:08 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

I was waiting for that response...

Silly  because we have over 20% umemployment including independent contractors?

Silly because cities, counties and states are firing hundreds of thousands of workers and cutting wages of millions?

Silly because debt defaults are skyrocketing?

Silly because bankruptcies are exploding?

Silly because we have just started with the layoffs and wage cuts?

Silly because essentially bankrupt companies are dominating trading on the exchange?

Silly because we are operating under a Ponzi $2 trillion dollar annual deficit and growing?

Silly because banks are only solvent because of marked to myth accounting?

Silly because the dollar is crashing?

Silly becuase more people in America are financially distressed or on welfare than ever before in the history of our nation?

Silly because tax receipts are slowing at the fastest rates since the trough of The Great Depression?

How silly do you think I feel?

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#7) On September 14, 2009 at 11:12 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:


It is just money.....and money is crashing right now....and pretty soon, government will be out of money....and mathematically it will have to tax all of our assets, including gold, to maintain its current footprint.


In the end, we are living in one massive Ponzi scheme, the real money doesn't materialize until after the crash....AFTER the consumption economy dies and the currency for the new economy emerges.

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#8) On September 14, 2009 at 11:16 PM, oshiri (< 20) wrote:

Caller Anti & Caller Pro . . .

     You are but armchair quarterbacks.

     Show us all where your green shoots are? -- the REAL green shoots in the economy.

     You're actually confident in the current economy, please tell us WHY?

     You can criticize Sempai Alstry and many others pointing out reality, but where is your reality, MINUS all the fluffy, flossy programmed trading?

     Sorry, but some can't see the full economic forest for the trees.

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#9) On September 14, 2009 at 11:21 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:


It is stuff like the following that make 9.09 unsettling.  Earlier it was noted that India is adding 30K more troops with its boarder with China.  When the world is going broke, crazy things can happen....although I only allude to these issues on CAPS.

BRUSSELS -- This weekend's U.S.-China trade skirmish is just the tip of a coming protectionist iceberg, according to a report released Monday by Global Trade Alert, a team of trade analysts backed by independent think tanks, the World Bank and the U.K. government.

A report by the World Trade Organization, backed by its 153 members and also released Monday, found "slippage" in promises to abstain from protectionism, but drew less dramatic conclusions.

Governments have planned 130 protectionist measures that have yet to be implemented, according to the GTA's research. These include state aid funds, higher tariffs, immigration restrictions and export subsidies.

For example, Russia has planned across-the-board tariff increases, South Africa is changing government purchasing rules to favor domestic firms owned by nonwhites, and Japan is rewriting sanitation policies in a way that will restrict food imports.

The variety of today's protectionism demarcates it from the tariff-based economic warfare of the 1930s.

You know what that led to.......This time we have tactical nuclear weapons.....

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#10) On September 14, 2009 at 11:30 PM, oshiri (< 20) wrote:


     You also need to add in the radical change in government, and it's affect on U.S. forward defenses, in Japan. The Asian apple cart is about to get up-ended, especially if "Dear Leader" in the DPRK exits this Earth with China intervening.

     Watch also for chaos in German foreign policy (and America's) once Angela Merkel is tossed out as German Chancellor this fall. The majority of non-U.S. NATO forces will be out of Afghanistan by next fall. Then what?

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#11) On September 14, 2009 at 11:32 PM, prose976 (< 20) wrote:

Unless you have the power to broker the solution, then we're just all SOL.  There's nothing left for any of us to do except wait for the inevitable end of the world as we know it.

I agree with your logic Alstry, but we don't live in a logical world.  The markets are not logical, the French Prime Minister is not logical that he wants to include citizen "happiness" in the equation that measures economic progress.  China, Brazil Russia and India are not logical when they form some kind of senseless front to "stand up" to the U.S.

The world is in a mess...not just the U.S.   So when you rant, don't forget to include the rest of the world, free or not.  Some are fleeing to gold...doesn't make sense for many reason.  Some to commodities...doesn't make sense.  Some are buying collectibles, art, antiques, guns, generators.  None of it makes sense, because none of these actions will resolve anything.

What you're talking about is a full-blown world-wide bloody revolution, internation chaos WWIII.  I think most of us just can't wrap our heads around that.

So, we live our final days in the best way we can, we attend the protests, we repostion our money, and we pray, write letters to our elected officials, threaten to vote them out of office and write hate blogs about them.

Other than that, you can keep pouring it on, but it's not going to reduce your losses.

I now understand where you came up with 9.09.  I read it on CNBC.  There is alot of superstition based on past events, in certain cultures (i.e. Chinese), and it has always been a sort of dark omen.  The chances of having  3 (9's) in a single calendar date is very significant to some superstitions, and the market is more often than not, in a bad way during September.  This year it may be different.

Just Bing "significance of 9/09/09 and you'll get a bunch of interesting reading.

But it's just a date.  Sorry, nothing more than a date.  Even if it's a date when something starts...who knows how long it will be before whatever was started comes to fruition.

I think you put your foot it in when you called the date.  You provide alot of good information, but the prophecy you made is probably not going to happen Alstry Big as you predicted.  Or if it does, then that means Alstry is just a blip on the screen, because we're yet to see the BIG thing happen.

God bless you, man.  And I mean it.  I may have put my foot in it at my Fool blog too.  We'll see.

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#12) On September 14, 2009 at 11:38 PM, DownEscalator (< 20) wrote:

Alstry has never defined exactly what would happen in 9/9 (aside from things going downhill).

As such, he can - and will - always claim to be right, even if the "Zombulator" doesn't hit full throttle until 2010.

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#13) On September 14, 2009 at 11:45 PM, anticitrade (98.45) wrote:

Alstry,  I am not crazy enough to think you will ever FEEL silly (looking silly to others is a different matter).  The problem is your rhetoric hasn't changed.  If you are going to pull off this whole 9.09 stunt, it is going to take more than you referencing "Museum Shops in Aurora". 

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#14) On September 14, 2009 at 11:46 PM, oshiri (< 20) wrote:


Prose-man . . .

     Not to be critical or anything, but 8.8.08 was the opening night of the Beijing Olympics. Chinese believe 8's are good for bidness.

     And on 9.9.09 . . .

BEIJING, Sept. 9 -- Wednesday may not seem like a popular day of the week to get married, yet today tens of thousands of lovers will tie the knot, hoping the "lucky" day will guarantee a life on Cloud 9.

     As someone who deals with Chinese superstition each, and everyday, their only concerns are #4, #5, and #7.


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#15) On September 14, 2009 at 11:48 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

The only thing Alstry is predicting is the end of the consumption economy and the beginning of the savings economy.

75% of the current jobs are not needed in the savings economy.  75% of the retailers are not needed and that still puts us at twice as much as Sweden and the same as Australia.  75% of the office buildings are not needed as are 75% of the current banks.  We probably only need half the houses at half the square footage to conserve on energy.

When Alstry says its about over....he is not referring to the end of the world...although major conflicts are significantly more likely during periods of economic upheaval........but Alstry is simply indicating that you will know that MOAP....the end of the consumption economy is upon us....which is basically almost everything most of us do from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep....

sometimes I have called it leaving the matrix.

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#16) On September 14, 2009 at 11:53 PM, booyahh (< 20) wrote:

Man, it looks like Bernanke totally whipped the Zombulator, at least for now.

But beware, the Zombulator is a zombie, so it never really dies, it just keeps regenerating.

Beware ...

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#17) On September 14, 2009 at 11:59 PM, prose976 (< 20) wrote:

I meant Japanese.  My bad.  But you see, this demonstrates that no matter the prediction or statement, supporting or contradictory evidence can always be found.

But sometimes you just have to admit that you didn't call it correctly. 

Fool on!

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#18) On September 15, 2009 at 12:01 AM, prose976 (< 20) wrote:

Alstry, you are now watering down your prophecy and if Benny had gas today that would probably fulfill it.  What a cop out!  :)

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#19) On September 15, 2009 at 12:09 AM, alstry (< 20) wrote: me, MOAP is big...Alstry BIG.

We are talking about the ending of the most prosperous capitalistic society in think it goes down quietly?


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