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December 03, 2010 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: SGOL , GLD , SLW

Seperate yet part of the IMF. The Fed is gone wild. Copy and paste from Campain for Liberty. Now you have wondered why in the past I held my gold and silver. I am not a trader and over the years just learning about the stock market. December 2, 2010Dear Friend of Liberty,his week, the Federal Reserve released some of the details on its emergency lending programs.

Instead of full disclosure, however, we have just received another reminder of why we must keep fighting to thoroughly audit the Fed.

According to the Fed’s documents, in addition to trillions of dollars loaned to Wall Street firms, it also made trillions in loans to foreign central banks and even billions to companies including Harley-Davidson.

This release is just a small glimpse into what the Fed does everyday – devalue our money, create moral hazard, and put taxpayers on the hook.  And we can only speculate on how much the Fed isn’t telling us, including information on individual securities that were pledged as collateral for over $800 billion in loans.

Let’s be clear – even this little insight would never have been possible without C4L members taking action.

So just imagine what we can do if we turn up the pressure!

Congressman Paul will reintroduce his Audit the Fed bill in the 112th Congress, and C4L is ready to fight to ensure its passage.

It’s time to permanently end the Fed’s shroud of secrecy.  The American people should not have to wait years to find out what deals they’re being committed to – if they ever find out at all.

Unlike Washington’s most secretive institution, however, C4L can’t simply print money to finance its operations.  We can only take as much action as your support allows.

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There. I feel much better. Buy food gold silver and durable goods. Its going to be quite a roller coaster next year. 

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Hmmm, curious...

Maybe, however I doubt it.

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