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To Steven Paul Jobs



June 20, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AAPL , MSFT , DELL.DL

Dear Steven:


I don't know how you are doing by my love and thoughts are with you.

I am listening to some appropriately formidable instrumental music as background to my mind racing through your professional life circa 1975...Mozart's Mass in C Minor K.427...backdrop for the invention of the personal computer...

Jobs v. Gates...

Steven, l'chaim my friend. The World/History cannot thank you and your mind enough. Millions are feeling the pain you are currently experiencing and many of us would trade places with you...

...Homebrew Computer Club, Atari, HP, Reed, Wozniak, Markkula, Apple ][, NeXT, Windows v Macinstosh UI, Lisa, Pixar, Sculley, Apple stock at $2/share, selling all shares AAPL exept one to receive the Annual Report, Disney, Microsoft $300M investment, iPod, iTunes, iPhone...1997 Michael Dell says he would shut Apple down were he helming that company...AAPL trades at $201.31... AAPL v DELL v MSFT v S&P 500 ...qed.

Battle of the Heroes Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith by John WIlliams (iPhone 3.0) is taking me through the is pouring down rain as I write this (iPhone 3.0)...G-D is crying with the rest of us...

I must now lay down this formidable Pen (iPhone 3.0) as my eyes are too blurred to see to write from my tears. 

On behalf of the World and History, of which, you have changed forever, we Love you and care about you.


/s/The people

Julian Day 2,455,002.67; Julian Calendar  June 07, 2009; ISO Calendar Day 06 of Week 25 of Year 2009; World Calendar  Tuesday, June 19, 2009;  Hebrew Calendar 28 Sivan 5769; Islamic Calendar Jumada II 26, 1430; Mayan Calendars Long Count:  Haab (Civil): 16 Zotz Tzolkin (Religious): 9 Etznab; French Revolutionary Time: 0:00:71 Décade I, Doudi de Messidor de l'Année 217 de la Révolution; Coptic Baunah 13, 1725; Ethiopic Sane 13, 2001; Persian Xordad 30, 1388; Baha'i 16th day of Light, B.E. 166

Earth, somewhere in the Orion Spiral Arms

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