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Today, I doffed the Beanie-cap



April 09, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: DELL.DL , GE , COP

Today, I doffed the Beanie-cap, hopefully, never to don another.  Having been over 5000 points in the hole (!) thinking "things could never get worse", I'm staring at the rear-view mirror, hoping that Dow Jones 6500, which sure looked like capitulation (though I thought I had seen that a dozen times in the last year!!) keeps getting smaller and smaller.  I'm now less than 1000 points in the hole - 2 more days like today and I'll be in the positive and hopefully back to "All Star" status not too long thereafter.

Best wishes and happy investing to all.  I'm still eyeballing that record $2+ Trillion sitting in cash and wondering how much of it will start trickling in (or has already started trickling in?) and when/if the trickle becomes a torrent.

 I'm going to continue to recommend GE and COP and add a new one today - DELL!  Less than 24 months ago, you could buy a brand-spanking laptop for $300.  Today, they are approaching $1500.  All the while, the expensive material for the component parts (copper, aluminum, plastic, etc.) have been coming down.  And this during a horrible recession!  How in the world did they get this much price in this environment!?!?  Ours is not to question why  . . . ours is but to buy,buy, buy!!

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#1) On April 09, 2009 at 5:55 PM, SolarisKing (< 20) wrote:

Here's some advice. It's probably bad advice.

 My experience is that when i have two or three good days, things go the other way before i get where i want to be. Your average is above %50 so you can afford to close some of your worst at a loss, and some of your best at a profit, and just hold the ones that you want. After realigning your portfolio, you can take your time picking stocks, and since you are theoretically better at picking now, your accurracy should increase, without losing the ground in points that you've worked so hard to get. 

   If i had done that last time it applied to me, i would be ranked around 80 or 85. DON'T DO what i did last time and pick all your stocks at once.

As i said, it's probably bad advice.

Good luck and thanks for the tips.

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