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Today's 5 Best Motley Fool Articles - 6/23/2008



June 23, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MVL.DL , AAPL , C

Hey all,

I'm doing an experiment...I'm going to highlight five interesting articles from our site at the end of each day...these aren't necessarily the ones that are read by the most people...instead these are 5 that I think you'll find interesting.  We'll see whether your interest or mine wanes first!  Without further ado: 

Let's start this out with a populist bent.  You want Apple...I'm giving you Apple...the industry impact of the $199 iPhone from our telecom guru, Dave Mock.

The iPhone Price Wars  

This one is for the parents out there...Elizabeth Brokamp gives you a how-to on introducing your kids to credit.  I'm still getting used to five-year-olds having cell phones. 

The Best First Credit Card

Tim Beyers does a Marvel update after the Hulk's disappointing second weekend.

A Passive-Aggressive Hulk 

Morgan Housel wonders what exactly Citigroup's core competence is.  They seem to be ditching or downsizing businesses left and right.

Is Citigroup Derailed? 

Rick Munarriz cleverly eulogizes George Carlin, twisting his 7 Words You Can Never Say on Television bit for the investing-minded.  Sorry, George, this one is profanity-free.

7 Words You Can Never Say on Wall Street

Feedback on how to make this better is always gladly accepted! 



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