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Top Absurd M&A possibilities continued...



April 21, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: BA , TXT

5.  (ITRI) + (QWR):    Itron and Quanta Power Systems have joined forces in a massive merger deal to become the world's biggest power, electrical technologies,  and smart grid company ever.... Now if Utility companys need technology upgrades, software upgrades, or anything at all.... They will contact QUANTA-TRON!  That is if the Anti-Trust Chief approves.

4. (MCD) + (SBUX):    "Due to the ongoing troubles at Starbucks, we believe merging with McDonalds is the best way thing for our shareholders and our employees..." C.E.O. of Starbucks said in a recent Conference Call with shareholders and analysts.  This news will start the process of combining Starbuck's Cafe stores alongside McDonald's fastfood restaurants across the Globe.

McDonald's menu will no longer have Mc-Cafe's as now all coffee served will be Starbucks Coffee.
At the same time... You get yourself some McNuggets at your local Starbucks.

The Chinese people are extremely excited to see that the first McDonalds & Starbucks restaurant will be opened in Beijing.......That is if the Anti-Trust Chief approves.

3. (DIS) + Time Warner:        You heard it here first at Motley Fool!  Disney Time Warner is now a possibility as both companys have shook hands to seal the acquisition deal and only the Anti-Trust Chief can get in the way of this.  This will help provide Disney with the lions share of the Movie Industry and much needed revenue and income from the current Hollywood BULL Market, to make up for the lack of sales of DVDs of Hanna Montanna and High School Musical 3.

2. (BA) + (TXT):      Just when everyone was about to write the obituary for Textron.... Out comes Boeing with plenty of capital to backup their Takeover of Textron.  This provides Boeing with the Bell Helicopter and Cesna as additions to their overall Aviation offerings to the Military and the Private Sector.

Boeing's C.E.O. had this to say about the declining popularity of Private Jets, "We believe the environmentally safe and fuel efficient technologies we put into our "Dreamliner" Jumbo Jets to huge success will be an absolute game changer to the Private Jet industry.  Introducing fuel efficient private jets will change the image of the entire industry and it will help diversify our business for our shareholders."

In related news... .Rumors circulate that an acquisition of AVAV for their unmanned aerial vehicles could be Boeing's next target.    If the anti-trust chief approves.

And finally.... the #1 M&A possibility of all time!!!

1)  U.S.A.  +  China:     In the State of the Union speech to end all State of the Union speeches, no seriously...this one ends em all folks, President Obama has revealed a stunning agreement made to Merge Peoples Republic of China with America to form the Biggest Nation in population size and land size ever in the history of the World.  Even Ghengis Khan would be jealous to have such control over not 1.....but 2 Hemispheres... The European Union has just announced a Global Emergency as all European Nations are appauled and shocked of this amazing announcement.

President Obama on 60 minutes was interviewed and asked why he made this decision,
"Well, after speaking to China in 2009.. It was obvious to me that America...uh....uh....Is at fault for everything that....uh....previous administration....uh...did wrong.  And...uh....uh....In order to bring a more peaceful world...uh...America has to merge with China to form 1 nation.....uh....So..Uh....I'll be President of the Western Hemisphere of United Chinese States of Earth....Which is our new country's name.  Meanwhile....uh.. The Chinese government still remains in the Eastern hemisphere... Our...uh....Union will be stronger....uh....this way."

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#1) On April 21, 2009 at 2:46 PM, portefeuille (98.75) wrote:

USSR was larger than China+USA. And Europe does not "fit in Texas" (see comments #1,3 here) ...

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