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TPN Agenda



April 14, 2008 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD


As indicated in its 10-point, 10-year Action Plan for Strengthening Transatlantic Partnership, TPN's agenda for the coming years is to promote and support actions to complete a transatlantic market linked to a strengthened political and security relationship adapted to the needs of the 21 st century. To accomplish this, TPN believes that the EU and US will need to adapt the existing transatlantic institutional framework to take account of the evolution of our common purposes and priorities, allowing issues to drive the framework, rather than the other way around.

TPN has proposed, with support from Resolutions taken by the European Parliament and the US House of Representatives, that EU and US leaders come to agreement on the major elements of a new, formal “Transatlantic Partnership Agreement.” Such an agreement would build on the 1995 New Transatlantic Agenda and reflect proposals made in TPN's Strategy to Strengthen Transatlantic Partnership.   As part of this process, TPN would like EU and US leaders to:

•  focus the annual EU-US summit process to provide strategic direction and impetus to the transatlantic partnership, and develop communications with the NATO summit process as well

•  institute regular informal EU-US consultation at ministerial level in advance of EU-US summits, supported by permanent joint policy planning

•  strengthen the institutional structure for ongoing transatlantic political dialogue, building on the evolving Transatlantic Legislators Dialogue (TLD) between Members of the European Parliament and the US Congress , possibly into a Transatlantic Assembly.

All members have been encouraged to participate in a process that has gathered steady momentum in the past few years, and is increasingly focused on global challenges facing the transatlantic partners. Task Force meetings in Europe and the US discuss ideas and put forward proposals for adding political and economic substance to the Transatlantic Partnership while also dealing with the substantive issues and problems associated with cooperation between the EU and NATO (see Members Area for details).

As before, this internal debate is enriched by research and background papers produced by the academic institutions cooperating with TPN.

TPN will continue to offer its recommendations of how to strengthen Transatlantic Partnership in the years ahead, in ways that will satisfy the political, economic and security needs of both sides. Annual assessments through bench marking of the 10 year action plan outlined in the Strategy to Strengthen Transatlantic Partnership will help this process.  

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#1) On April 14, 2008 at 6:24 PM, thought4 (26.72) wrote:

I will look into this and let you know. I have heard rumblings about the TPN and it is off my radar for now. I have been watching the Super Highway and the merger of the 3 countries. It is getting closer to becoming a done deal.Do you remember when the news came out that  Obama's team talked to someone from Canada  who was trying to find out if he was serious about redoing the Trade Agreement? You don't hear anything else about that. Why? Because he won't. More lies from all the candidates. Mc Cain, Clinton and Obama are all members of the CFR so just count on this country being further sold down the river than we all ready are. Fool On.

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#2) On April 21, 2008 at 8:49 PM, thought4 (26.72) wrote:

You are correct and the North American Merger with Canada and Mexico comes under the spp or also call the Super Highway. “Transatlantic Partnership Agreement.” is also a fact and unless it is stopped  you will see this about 2015 to 2020.

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