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Trading Lesson: NEVER QUIT!!!!!!



October 20, 2008 – Comments (1)

With all the volatility we have seen over the past few could make anyone's head spin.  But take Gunny Highway's advice from Heartbreak Ridge...Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.....but NEVER QUIT.

You could be last in CAPs, or you could be towards the top.....with just a few right moves and a few changes in events....either position could be reversed.  If you get into the end zone, don't jump up and down like a monkey...KNOW you will be there again and act like you have been there before. 

If it seems like there is no way to win the it out and make sure your opponent respects you....there will be another game.  If you get knocked down...get up.  If you win...treat your opponent with respect.  If it is are better prepared for the next game.  No matter what never quit.

As long as you are in the game and there is time left....there is a chance to win.  And if there is no chance to win...then learn from the situation for next time.  Every trade is a learning or lose.  But if you are a loser and all lessons are lost.  In the end, it is a game against yourself.......make every move count....and in the end self respect is all that matters.

If you have self respect, you have everything.  If you don't, you have nothing.  With self respect, you can turn every losing trade into a lesson...with enough will eventually win.

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