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Twilight Zone



March 22, 2012 – Comments (0)

Ben’s Twilight Zone Power Point

The market closed lower for only the second time in the last ten trading sessions, yet it can hardly be considered a pullback. Instead, it was just another lethargic trading day with mostly sideways action and light volume. It’s been about as exciting as watching paint dry. The entire daily range wasn’t even 10 points.

Moving from the dull to the downright delusional, Ben Bernanke gave a speech today in front of students from George Washington University's School of Business as part of a four-part lecture series explaining the role of the “Federal Reserve in the financial crisis.”

You can see the full power point outline here of his massive presentation.

Read more:

Of course Ben’s version of the Fed dogma is decidedly different, or shall we see, the diametrical opposite of the actual truth.

Let’s look at his two slides titled, “Policy Tools of Central Banks.”

• “Monetary Policy

-For macroeconomic stability: In normal times, central banks adjust the level of short-term interest rates to influence spending, production, employment and inflation. “

Somehow he forgot to add the sub-header, in not so normal times, the central banks print money to compensate for the global financial fiascos they helped cause.

• “Provision for liquidity

-For financial stability: Central banks provide liquidity (short-term loans) to financial institutions or markets to help calm financial panics, serving as the “lender of last resort”

Hmm, perhaps another oversight? Didn’t Ben mean to say that the Central Banks would provide liquidity to help calm the financial panics they had a large role in creating by perpetuating a cultural of regulatory laxity and irresponsible spending?

• “Financial regulation and supervision

-Many central banks, including the Federal Reserve, also supervise financial institutions. To the extent that supervision helps keep firms financially healthy, the risk of loss of confidence by the public and ensuing panic is reduced.”

Yes, he really does have the audacity to say that the fed serves as the protector of the public confidence AND that they act in a “supervisory” role in their relations with their banksters.

Really, these bullet points are taken verbatim from Ben’s presentation. The truth is in fact stranger than fiction.

Trade well and follow the trend, not the so-called “experts.”

Best Trade to You,
Larry Levin
Founder & President - Trading Advantage

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