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Two Powerful Forces Unite to Form a Marketing Dream Team



June 17, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: SIX


As someone who works in the auto industry I come across all sorts of manufacturer bulletins.  This one made me chuckle when I saw it today.  Talk about The blind leading the blind.  The recently bankrupt Chrysler and the even more recently bankrupt Six Flags are partnering up on a marketing initiative.

On a related note, I'm not normally a big fan of roller coasters anyhow, but is it just me or does the thought of riding in what essentially is a tiny open-top train with a flimsy seatbelt at 100 MPH while it flips upside down and makes all sorts of jerky movements that is being maintained by a company that is having serious financial problems make anyone else a little uneasy.  I normally don't like Six Flags anyhow, but it will be a cold day in he-two-sticks before I go on a ride at one now.

Since I'm on the subject of Six Flags, I have to talk about another pet peeve of mine.  I absolutely, cannot stand its television commercials.  We have a huge flat screen TV here at work that's on in the background and every time one of its commercials comes on and that weird fake old dude pops up on the screen and starts dancing to techno music it makes me cringe.  For some reason that creepy guy annoys the ship out of me.

"Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge are in their second year of partnership with the world’s largest regional theme park brand — Six Flags. As an opportunity to generate awareness among 25 million consumers at twelve Six Flags theme parks, this partnership will allow the Chrysler LLC brands to capitalize on the fun and excitement of the park environment to strategically engage patrons and generate leads.

The multifaceted sponsorship includes interactive vehicle displays, special park events and sweepstakes, attraction sponsorship, in-park marketing and Chrysler LLC dealer and employee admission discounts. In addition, Chrysler LLC product owners will be offered one free child admission with the purchase of a full-price adult ticket.

Partner privileges give all Dealers special access to a deep-discount ticket rate of $24.99 + tax only that will soon be accessible via DealerConnect. Please look for additional communication in the weeks to come to take advantage of this partner privilege.

In addition to the discount ticket opportunity being offered to you in the near future, the Chrysler and Six Flags partnership will include opportunities for DAA, Business Center, and local Dealer involvement in specific park events..."


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Your tite is the best line I've read all day!

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