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alstry (< 20)

Understanding Alstry.....



October 21, 2010 – Comments (5)

Just a couple general, I am a terrible speller.  I didn't read much as a kid....math was much more important and becoming a doctor was my expected older brother became a surgeon.....and I was premed until I decided business/money was my passion......then I took courses were I could still get decent grades without having to study much and had good looking Economics and Psychology and Political Science with am emphasis in Foreign Relations.....

Taking tests have always been pretty easy for me and in general I could learn an entire semester of course work in about eight hours after pulling an all nighter with a box of the way, this would not have been mathematically possible if I actually had to take real courses like Physics, Engineering or Organic Chemistry.......those courses you actually had to pay attention because the subsequent knowledge compounded on the earlier knowledge......and a break in the chain caused the link to fall apart.

As an aside, sometimes I intentionally make spelling mistakes simply to piss off Donner.....I know he reads every one of my blogs.....I actually have respect for his intelligence however I think he is blinded by his own past success and linear thinking.

Following the practice of law....I made millions of dollars for myself and friends as a professional investor/analyst.  My speciality was bottoms up fundemental analysis applying traditional Buffett/Graham/Dodd stuff and uncovering value where few treaded.....

Around became clearer and clearer that our system was breaking down and the only thing holding it together was insane loans being made by banks to homeowners, private equity funds, municipalities, etc....driving the cash flow of our that could collectively NEVER be paid back.

It was obvious that once the lending slowed....the flaws in the system would be exposed and eventually it would collapse....this wasn't conjecture on my was a mathematical certainty based on the fundementals and basic principles......

What I didn't anticipate was that our government and Wall Street would resort to outright and open fraud to maintain the system.........I thought that our legal system and our sense of justice would prevail over an environment of always did in the past...because anyone who has any familiarity with what happens to societies that degrade to lawlessness know that such an outcome would ostensibly be a lot worse than the consequences of mere economic collapse.

But I was wrong....dead wrong on this issue..... and fraud and lawlessness has become institutionalized and accepted on Wall Street and Washington...even Buffett and Munger joined in.....and most of Mainstreet is either ignorant or too scared to deal with it.....

our monetary system has become one built on a foundation of fraud....and millions of Americans...actually tens of millions of Americans are giving up their lives going to work and planning futures based on this illusion.....and like all illusions......will correct at some point.

The question now is how....communism.....fascism......totalitarianism.....war......economic holiday.....worthless currency........who knows.......all viable possibilities.....but one thing for sure.....our current system will undergo massive convulsions.

As an individual....I am a very competitive person....I love winning.....and many of my friends are similar in their lives and chosen professions....whether they be professional athletes, physicians, business owners, parents, or whatever.....a common thread is our competitive nature and the satisfaction we get from winning.....but winning fairly and honestly.

At this point.... the question where is this going and figuring out a way win.......traditional thinkers need not apply because there is nothing traditional about is why I developed a group of highly intelligent analytical people making up the Institute of Alstrynomics....

The distress resulting from Zombulation and fraud is now becoming tangible and palpable......I promise it will get more interesting......what is uncertain is who and what will prevail.....stay will be exciting as we morph into the Digital Age...

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#1) On October 21, 2010 at 6:58 PM, BillyTG (29.48) wrote:

Wonderful post.

How much is tuition for IA and what degrees are offered?  Hopefully you offer an MBA because I'd like to get into the financial sector to really help people, you know, with buying homes and stuff.


PS Where are you putting your money if you've withdrawn from the system?

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#2) On October 21, 2010 at 8:48 PM, JerseyShoreGirl (< 20) wrote:

Al, look at all of these recs that come flooding in when you get personal ...

Can I suggest an excellent source for doing business in the future? ... Seth Godin ... love his book "Tribes," which basically encourages people to lead .. there are (disorganized) people who have common interests/passions waiting to be led ... and he's all about doing business post-Industrial age.  Whether you know it or not, you are a tribe leader ...

Godin has an excellent daily blog that he sends out through e-mail ... try subscribing to it and see how you like him .. like you he thinks outside the box ...

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#3) On October 21, 2010 at 9:54 PM, ikkyu2 (98.19) wrote:

Does "alstry" mean "Al's Try" or does it mean something else?

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#4) On October 21, 2010 at 10:54 PM, PaxtorReborn (28.73) wrote:

I want to know more!  Who taught you that elipses and exclamation points are the only punctuation needed?

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#5) On October 22, 2010 at 1:29 PM, dragonLZ (89.46) wrote:

I am a very competitive person...

Does that mean you will start another portfolio or start opening more picks in the current one?

Either way, good luck.

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