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alstry (< 20)

Understanding ZOMBULATION...We Are All Madoff's Clients



September 04, 2011 – Comments (2)

The only way to keep an Industrial System going when technology is rapidly replacing human jobs is through predatory/fraudulent lending...whether you like it or not.....just like the only way to keep Madoff's operation going without production was find more patsies. 
Cash can only be created two ways...though production and through lending/printing. If gold was money, it could be created by digging and finding. But whether we are talking about cash or gold, it is production....HUMAN production.... which the cash or gold is exchanged for.... 
Machines really don't need cash or gold....simply electricity and a little maintenance....and as more and more of our functioning moves technology based, it will be harder and harder to maintain our current INDUSTRIAL system....the same applied to an agricultural system as evidenced by the invention of the tractor. 
But America and Europe were fortunate enough to benefit from the job creating human labor intensive Industrial Age.....Africa was not so lucky. 
The government knows this and why Greenspan, Rubin, and Summers rejected Brooksly Born and her precient warnings in late 1999. Everyone should watch the documentary Inside Job for a good perspective. 
But the Digital Age is killing human jobs, driving amazing efficiency, and drying up cash flow absent deficits......we see it everywhere from the post office, to retail, to books, movies and music.Essentially ALL the banks are operating fraudulently today.....and everyone knows it. 
There is simply fewer and fewer humans to lend money to today....evidenced by the tens of millions of fewer full time workers in America and Europe compared to just a few years ago....and soon Asia as robots replace manufacturing jobs. 
If we reveal the fraud....the Industrial eocnomic system collapses......just like Madoff.......if we don't, we all get to extend/pretend and argue whether money should be gold or paper and whether Keynes or Austrians are correct. 

The lawsuits are beginning:

Nevada Dramatically Expands Lawsuit Against Bank of America; Recap of Recent BAC Events

Nevada is probably right legally on this is most everyone else suing banks.....but it would sort of being like Madoff's clients suing Madoff before he revealed he was a fraud....would they have really wanted to know the answer?

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#1) On September 04, 2011 at 3:00 PM, dbtheonly (< 20) wrote:


I'm not sure I buy the idea of,"But America and Europe were fortunate enough to benefit from the job creating human labor intensive Industrial Age"

If anything industrialization allowed more "work" to be done with fewer people.  Different jobs were created, but labor-saving is the term I hear in regards to machines. But each and every machine spelt the destruction of a certain job, i.e. we no longer have ice haulers, milk delivery is a thing of the past, and tackle & harness makers are only an exibition at the county fair. 

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#2) On September 05, 2011 at 2:16 AM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

Historically, industrialization created tens of millions of jobs in America and didn't do much for Africa and much of Asia.

The tractor replaced 90-95% of all farmers.....but the move from an agricultural based economy to an industrial based economy absorbed all the people and a whole lot more in America.....

People want to believe that the move from Industrial Based to Technological Based will do the may or it may not, but right now, we are replacing millions of current jobs and not replacing them with much.

Here is the clearest example:

and here is the evidence:

California Employment Level Sinks to Record Low ...

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