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October 06, 2010 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: UTRA.DL

Well we have been monitoring the behavior of the shares since the attack from this blogger on universal travel group, an another one of his lies was answered by priceline

 Hempton says in his blog:

"Alas there were some things we could not find any way to buy with the website at all such as international hotels.  That is despite the company announcing a partnership with Agoda (Priceline)

The press release announcing this partnership had contact phone numbers from Universal Travel Group and no contact phone number from Priceline.  Anybody want to check with Priceline management how much business Universal Travel are doing with Agoda? "

 He claim that UTA doesnt have any partnership with agoda and priceline, and he says that is a lie too and that he cant find anything to prove always the poor old hempton cant find nothing.....i think that he only know how to use google to find videos of lady gaga and pictures from mr that hes an expert!! but actually find information about company...mmm i really doubt it....actually he dont want to find anything he just want to scare people.

making jokes of zapatero and making videos of youtube he should be an entertainer.....

 Well back to bussiness this blogger claim that UTA doesnt have anything with agoda...and guess what?? in the conference call of Priceline this partnership was mentioned and corroborated by the CEO of priceline Jeffery H. Boyd ....

this is what Mr Boyd Says

 "Jeffery H. Boyd - President and CEO: With respect to Agoda and Universal Travel, they are building their distribution through other travel websites in the region and I think this just represents their continued progress on that front."

Well... i dont like lies, so you can see the conference call transcript at this link:

 The part mentioning UTA is at page 3 and 4 in the Q&A part.

i also talk with Matthew tynan at priceline and with Franz nitz at agoda and they also confirm that partnership...

So Universal travel group actually has a partnership with priceline.....that is real and corroborated from the CEO.

 So another lie from this dubios blogger is uncovered.....He short UTA and make some malicious comments to make a profit, unfortunately the people actually believe all the bulls.... and is nervous....its a shame that this things happen and a person can make a profit misleading people....

 Best regards

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#1) On October 08, 2010 at 2:39 PM, BayCap (< 20) wrote:

Well written OP!

Really enjoy reading your articles and thanks for the support for us uta longs! 

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