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Update on my 50% portfolio...



October 10, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: BPOP , MNI , CNO

 On September 11, 2009, I listed 13 stocks and I said each one will have a 50% gain in 3 months or less ( original post ).

Here are the returns so far (less than a month later):


OMN, up 39.7%

MNI,  up 26.3%

BLC, up 23.8%

BPOP, up 20.3%

ODP, up 18.2%

NNBR, up 8.4%

FTWR, up 6.0%

THC, up 4.0%

CNO, up 1.6%

PWAV, down 2.5%

TA, down 6.3%

CMRG, down 6.4%

CPE, down 11.9%


The whole Portfolio up 9.5% (if same amount of money invested in all 13 stocks).

During the same period, S&P 500 up 2.1% .

3 Comments – Post Your Own

#1) On October 10, 2009 at 2:31 AM, MDGiz (50.62) wrote:

Thanks for listing your portfilio for us fellow Fools...I an new to TMF but I have been in the game for 15 yrs.  You have made bold picks and many have payed out.  How do you find these little companies?  What screeners do you use?  I glance at many e-pubs out there trying to find my "hot new pick" I have had luck and not good luck as with all of us.

Didnt you give your take on PRXI?  This company baffles me...How can they be doing so well when they have extremely little to offer the public.  The company to me is like a traveling circus, ok "bodies" great.  How many people will pay to see it?  If so, more than once?  dont think so.  As far as global, they have nothing to offer for world travel and even if they did would their cost per ticket cover travel expenses?  People are spending less, school budgets are being cut, so how may field trips will they get this school year? It going to be winter soon, how many families are going to travel to a mesuem? If they do vacation it will be to ski resorts.  So PLEASE maybe I am looking to deep but I just dont see it regarless of what they say in their article "non-GAAP measure adjusted EBITDA improved by over $2 million." If its non-GAAP, cant they fudge numbers to say and make their income look like anything? 

 One company I do like that is speculative of course, but being that I travel the world I have seen and used these service and its the best around where wireless,VOIP, and other internet telephony is somewhat newly emerging. Whats your take? Look at the 3 companies they just partnered with...

Its ViperNetworks (VPER)

For a 2-3cent stock I find it, a good deal, I do not work, partner or have any business with them other than own 2800 of shares, I coudlnt help myself!! 

Thansk and keep up the great work!! 


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#2) On October 10, 2009 at 3:10 PM, dragonLZ (86.73) wrote:

Giz, I buy (or recommend) stocks based on charts (I hate to call it "technical analysis" as I'm not a tipical "TA" guy).

I don't buy stocks based on news or in anticipation of a move up. All my picks have already gone up by the time I buy (or recommend) them.

Take PRXI, for example.

When I mentioned it on Oct. 4 as a possible spec play it was $1.09 (today $1.47, 35% gain in 5 days), and it already had a move from $0.70 on 9/10/09 to $1.09 on 10/4/09 (56% gain).

Of course, that's only one one of my few criterias that has to be satisfied before I buy (or recommend) a stock.

I mentioned once before (in some other blog), I usually put promising stocks (based on my criterias) on my wait list. Once I see a confirmation of my opinion (that a certain stock is a future winner), which is usually a nice move up on higher than normal volume, then I buy (or recommend) it.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck!   

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#3) On October 12, 2009 at 12:41 AM, MDGiz (50.62) wrote:

Dragon,  it did help thanks...I work along the same principle for most stocks, I also use above average volume trades on most companies.  If the big boys or CEO of the companies are buying or selling for no apparent reason to me, I also wait, then when I see it favorable or they finally get a break in news I move on the next big volume change.  I still cant figure out why tickers like SIRI and CSCO can have HUGE above average volume every day and move absolutly no where for months.  I watch the real time charts and its like companies are buying millions of shares at a pop and then someone else is right behing them 1/2 sec later selling another million reaping the 1% profit...

 I dont short stocks often, I just use trailing stops.  I wish I had the juevos to play options, I still cant quite figure those out.  I will wait a few years when I retire at a young age of 40 or so...Hopefully!  But Dragon aytime you post its is always interesting, I wonder how many of those trades on the comanies you list come from TMF?  I bet alot more people follow you than they admit, you know the haters.  I love ot when you throw,  I told you so's out there!!

Keep up the good posts!!

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