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Update to Big Scarey Picture



April 15, 2008 – Comments (3)

 I wrote this as my best estimation of what is coming, I had a few alternatives such as George declaring martial law or an attack on Iran or terrorist attack.  Or an all out riot/revolution.   Those scenarios would be horrible and I dont want to even think about them.  Sooo... back to the scarey but not as scarey scenario.

It is weird weird times.  As long as the Chinese and other countries with huge amounts of dollars can still buy real assets from Africa, South America, etc in exchange for the $$$$. We might be ok for a little while longer.   But as soon as more of these countries are out of debt to the IMF and World Bank and no longer need dollars to pay off debt.  WE ARE IN DEEP DOOOO DOOOOO. 

Hence why the world bank, IMF, and G7 are wanting to loan $$$$$ to more third world countries for food.   Basically they go in debt for food,  to get out of debt they sale off their natural resources to countries and companies flush with dollars.  They pay back their dollar loans with the privatization of their assets. 

China will be a happy camper and used worthless US dollars to buy real assets, and third world countries are left with absolutely nuthing.  No assets, a paid off loan, and a handful of worthless dollars.

I just wonder how long the scam can work?  It has worked for 30+ years.  Typically multination companies are the winners, but it seems to me,  governments such as China have gained acceptance into the scam.  They are buying as much stuff as possible with their toilet paper dollars to any place that will accept them.

What happens when third world countries become informed of the scam?  OR are they all ready?

This stuff scrambles my brain and to be honest I always thought our government agencies and financial gurus had the American people's back.  I feel  especially since the last batch of Neocons, they no longer have our backs and are hellbent on destroying it and stealing our wealth that generations built.  These two EXPENSIVE wars IMHO are what broke the camels back.

The debt/privatization scam that worked so well for our multinational companies on third world countries is coming home to the good ol USA at some point in time.   I still believe it will be labeled some sort of NEW DEAL. 

My biggest dilema is will they ditch the US dollar and replace it with the Amero or protect the dollar. 

This is just my blog for jotting down my thoughts and guestimations, and rants at moments of time.  Only the future will tell if I was nuts or sane in 2007/2008.

I support our troops, but hate this war.

Take care,


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#1) On April 15, 2008 at 11:31 PM, abitare (29.54) wrote:

FYI - Interesting blog here:


Iran’s Oil Bourse Set to Open this Sunday 

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#2) On May 10, 2008 at 1:14 AM, DarkToast (32.09) wrote:

I don't think the american people are ready to accept the Amero. Dollar protection and extremely high interest rates are on the horizon IMO.

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#3) On May 13, 2008 at 1:32 AM, jahbu (80.10) wrote:

I tend to agree. I watched Charlie Rose interviewing Pete Peterson, co-founder of Blackstone, and MAAAAN you wanna talk about neocon.  This man is the big dog with CFR and I guarantee he pulls alot of strings.   Seriously watch this video on utube.   and invest accordingly.   He is calling for letting the soveriegn wealth funds  buy up the USA, because we have no other choices because of the national debt.

After watching this video, I am pretty sure IMHO that we will see a NEW NEW DEAL fairly soon, funded by Big OIL, Military Industrial complex, and Soveriegn Wealth Funds.  They will start with the SuperHighway in Texas. 

We will be serfs in our own country.  It is really funny how he blames all of this on US!!  The freakin hardworking people that work one, two, three jobs to pay ripoff medical bills, taxes, insurance, and other bs while aholes like him preach saving money!   Check out a savings account lately?  Under 1%!!!   Sure PETE PECKERHEAD IF we all put our hard earned incomes into savings accounts then we wouldnt have all these problems. lol what a joke.   These bankers caused all this BS by leaving interest rates to low for TOOOO long.  Nobody had any incentive to save, so they took risks.  And now look what you created.  GRRRRR

But yeah your right,  this man just donated a billion to his foundation.  He is not gonna watch it turn into toilet paper, thats a guarantee.  

Its just a matter of when.  I think it will happen sooner than people expect.   Ironically, the World letting the dollar fall apart is causing starvation(dollar down, commodities up) so IMHO they will support it soon, but with stipulations.  Raise interest rates ALOT and let SWF invest in US assets.  Hence the Dollar stays king bee or will it be the Amero :)

Or are these people more cruel than any of us could imagine?  It is one thing for US citizens to pay $5 bucks for a gallon of gas, it is another for poor folks around the globe to struggle for food.

Time will tell,

We are living in Revolutionary times, when the truth reveals all the liars and thieves, who knows what will happen.



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