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gnulaw (50.57)

[Update1] ThinkGeek (NASDAQ:GKNT) Initiates a 20% Discount on TK-421 on the Heels of engadget, Chip Chick, c|net...Unanimous Thumbs Down Review for Their Highly Anticipated iPhone Keyboard...Wikileaks and SourceForge?



December 15, 2010 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GKNT.DL , BBY , AMZN


[Update1] ThinkGeek (NASDAQ:GKNT) Today Initiated a 20% Discount on their TK-421 on the Heels of engadget, Chip Chick, c|net...Unanimous * Thumbs Down Review for Their Highly Anticipated iPhone Keyboard

(December 9, 2010) cnet Hands-on: ThinkGeek TK-421 iPhone keyboard case "...The TK-421 is available now for $49.99. While other users--especially those who really dislike the iPhone's onscreen keyboard--may be more forgiving of its faults, I have a hard time recommending the product..." 

(December 5, 2010)  CHIPChick TK-421 iPhone case with Flip-out Keyboard Review  "...Conclusion: "...Is the TK-421 iPhone Flip-Out keyboard what we’ve all been waiting for? Probably not..."

(December 2, 2010) iLounge ThinkGeek TK-421 Mobile Keyboard Case "...It’s worthy of our limited recommendation, which is to say that’s it’s not yet ready for prime time..."

(December 1st 2010) engadget ThinkGeek TK-421 iPhone keyboard case review "...Let's just end this here, lest we become too overwhelmed by despair -- the TK-421 is all of 50 bucks, after all, and if you're totally desperate for an iPhone keyboard case it'll probably do the job. Turns out we're not quite as desperate for an iPhone keyboard case as we thought, though -- we'd suggest passing on the TK-421 as a first-generation novelty and waiting for something a little more thoughtfully designed to show up..."

and not to be outdone SourceForge made the news also...(December 15, 2010) WikiLeaks hactivists look to improve attack software. One has to wonder what Ken Langone has been thinking about this past two weeks...


* and one good review (December 11, 2010) TK-421 Case-Keyboard Review - Perfect Accessory Gift!

 chaosUnplugged - #1 Motley Fool leader Red Hat RHT and Citrix Systems CTXS.


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#1) On December 27, 2010 at 12:02 PM, gnulaw (50.57) wrote:

Note: The TK-421 was advertised by Geeknet in November to order soon due to limited quantities only. As of today the TK-421 is still in stock. Think about the implications of this...and from two perspectives:


1. There were limited quantities and they still have stock with their flagship Christmas product (not good)


2. ThinkGeek (Langone/Offutt) anticipated huge volume and inventoried accordingly blind-sided by engadget's  et al negative reviews (see above) (due to zero marketing research, low-bandwidth management - not good). Where is an exec from ??? #FAIL



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