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US foreclosures up 30 percent in February



March 12, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AUY , GLD , SLV

By Associated Press
March 12, 2009 | Comments (0)

Despite halts on new foreclosures by several major lenders, the number of U.S. households threatened with losing their homes rose 30 percent in February from last year's levels, RealtyTrac reported Thursday.

Nationwide, nearly 291,000 homes received at least one foreclosure-related notice last month, up 6 percent from January, according to the Irvine, California-based company. While foreclosures are highly concentrated in the Western states and Florida, the problem is spreading to states like Idaho, Illinois and Oregon as the U.S. economy worsens.

"It doesn't bode well," for the embattled U.S. housing market, said Rick Sharga, vice president for marketing at RealtyTrac, a foreclosure listing firm. "At least for the foreseeable future, it's going to continue to be pretty ugly."

78209 Real Estate & Homes For Sale  — 333 homes found RSSResale New construction Foreclosure 15 homes found   Foreclosures. San Antonio Foreclosures  — 2,133 homes found Foreclosures.  RSS   Bexar County Real Estate & Homes For Sale  — 1,377 homes found RSS 1,377 this week. foreclosed  One county in how many all across the country? Over 1,000 in foreclosure this week. And everyone thinks the banks will be ok at the same time the bankers outsource more jobs overseas. Less buying power for Americans and a bigger contraction. 40 million jobs moved overseas in the last 20 years and more to come because of the carbon tax. Small Business making 250 thousand a year will see their tax rise so higher prices or more layoff's. Yep 50% unemployment is on the way. I have never seen Warren Buffet on his last interview I have never seen a man so scared.  A CFR member telling Obama another CFR member he is spending to much. The CFR is telling Government to spend more. We are going to crash and burn baby. Now I am watching Obama say that he will talk to the G 20 and do a global fix. Yep another way to say Global Banking or New World Order. After all we are in an un president world problem. Who caused the problem? Oh yes the G 20 and now they want a global fix. Obama is saying we the government will take care of the children's education from birth to they graduate high school and beyond through collage. We are a global world. We need to compete with each other. It does not matter that the other country's pay less. We need to save the world. Yes we can..................  Not. Remember even Allen Greenspan  a globalist IMF leader  said there will always be bubbles as long as the currency is not backed by gold. I still ask why we accept and use rented money through the IMF and World Bank that just prints money out of thin air. I guess we are just uninformed. Now Obama is talking a One Word rules for Global business. This just get better and better. Yep I can just see China buy into that one. Watch for more flexing their will on what they want us to do. The Puppet masters are making the world leaders really dance now.     


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