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USD downtrend continues



February 16, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , UDN , SPG


Stocks, Commodities Advance as Dollar, Treasuries Retreat

After bond investors fleed PIGS in Euro zone, what is the true safe haven for those who want to save? USD? US Treasury bonds? Think again ...

China is reducing its US bond holdings

CAD/USD will be > 1 in 6 months and soon AUD/USD will follow ...

Debt ball SPG is getting credits to buy yet another debt ball General Growth Property (yeah yeah it was liquidity not solvency problem that brought GGP down into bankruptcy). Now SPG will be too big to fail. They are now the giant landlord of the retail CRE world. Retailers soon will be charged more for their rents and consumers will soon pick up the slack...

All the good dollars are used to save/bailout bad ones, people of middle class in US are squeezed to save those greedy bankers, landlords and speculators (Warren Buffet included) 

CRE bomb will eventually blow up. Maybe in 2~5 years. Only difference is that sly bankers might be buying protection from derivatives this time from firms like AIG and selling junks through FRE/FNM to Fed and Treasury. US taxpayers and USD holders are now the suckers holding them ...

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