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Varchild Announces increase in DPS beverage purchases



March 04, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

My own spending won't move a needle....  and is meaningless....

Nonetheless I am happy to report that IBC Root Beer tastes just so darn good that Varchild is adding 1 6 pack of IBC Root Beer.  And should that be sold out I'll probably pick 1 6 pack of Stewart's Root Beer instead.

Since IPO date in May 2008 my spending habits on DPS Beverages have evolved like this:

Once at the beginning of the month and at every 2-3 weeks intervals:
1) 4-6 Individual Snapple Jars
2) 4 2-Liter DPS Branded Soda / Ginger Ale / etc. Pop.

expanded to:

1) 1 6 pack of Snapple
2) 4 individual jars of Snapple
3) 4 2-liter DPS branded Soda / Ginger Ale / etc. Pop

expanded NOW to:

1)  1 6 pack of Snapple
2)  4 Individual jars of Snapple
3)  4-6 2-liter DPS branded Soda / Ginger Ale / etc. Pop  to almost always include Dr. Pepper Cherry + Dr. Pepper.
4)  1 six pack of IBC or Stewart's Root Beer

In other words.... MOMENTUM BABY!!
Make a shareholder happy with his investment and he returns the favor to the company:-)

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