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Varchild2008 (84.31)

Varchild *Rates* his Stocks prior to Earnings (ATVI) (DPS) (MSM) (FLIR)



June 24, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI , MSM , DPS

1)  ATVI:     Varchild Raises his "HOLD" recommendation to "BUY" but with a caveat that one should get in below $13.00.   The reason for the sudden optimism is due to Transformers Video Game looking better than expected with Video Game Critics and User Reviews.   I thought this one would TANK and create a horrid "earnings outlook" underneath the high expectations investors have in pushing the stock above $13.00 a share.

Varchild raises price target from $14.00 to $15.00 by January 2010.

2) DPS:   Varchild lowers "STRONG BUY" rating to "BUY" based on continued weakness in Snapple/Venom Beverages.  This does not mean anything in the scheme of things cause the share price is at a level right now that is undervaluing the company by a Mile and a Half.

Nonetheless, I'd like to see the Q2 earnings and hear from the C.E.O. what he thinks the trends will be for the rest of this year...before I get all Bullish and Crazy again.  VENOM got its price cut by 50 cents at local Gas Stations in Detroit Michigan....Varchild strongly believes the big SuperStar advertisement for VENOM is going to be for Naught.  People won't abandon their Redbull and Monster for Venom cause Lance Berkman likes it.

3) FLIR:  Varchild Keeps "Strong Buy" rating as long as the share price is at or below $23.00.

4) MSM:  Varchild lowers "STRONG BUY" rating to "STRONG SELL" opinion which is shared with ZACKS.

Problem with MSM is that it was a Strong Buy at $30 (where I personally got into the Stock) and a Strong Sell at $40.00.  Since then it has crashed down big time... 7 pts. 

I'd be all Bullish....willing to increase my Stake in MSM.... If it weren't for the horrible, recent, report that the Manufacturing sector of the economy contracted in May.  It trades at $34.XX or so.. I fear that's about another 7 pts. too high for this one but I anticipate the Earnings Report in hopes that I am provin wrong!

Is ZACKS and VARCHILD wrong to believe that buying shares of MSM at its current price is a fool's purchase?  We shall know July 2nd.  As for whether Varchild will unload his MSM stake.... No way, no how.... I love the 20 cents a share dividend.  That dividend looks safe...for now.

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#1) On June 24, 2009 at 6:11 PM, Varchild2008 (84.31) wrote:

And for the HIDDEN TOSS-UP review in the comments section .....

(EAG)  Continues to be a "STRONG BUY" rating from Varchild.

I keep buying and buying and increasing my stake in this one and most of my purchase is still in the 50 something cents area.

There's not a single reason to hate this stock other than the Preferred Securities Mess which unfortunately doesn't go away any time soon.

Hopefully ADSI will pay off 50% of what they owe and avoid a real Shareholder Mess on their hands... Not paying that off before the end of the year means Shareholders do some voting regarding Boards of Directors and conversion pricing... E-GADs.

I'll be a happy investor of EAG once this Secured Preferred A shares business is in the past....

I see the share price going no-where until at least ADSI successfully pays off the 50% this year and assigns a deadline for when us shareholders can expect the other half to be bought.

In the meantime.. Anytime you can get this stock underneath 84 cents a share.... then you are paying far less than Varchild's 1st initial purchase..... Thankfully, the bulk of my stake is at the 50 something cent level...The stock price today is at the 50 something cent level...

The company is a long term growth story though raking in millions of dollars a year.. Tens of Millions a Year.... They are becoming more and more a household name in the Defense Sector... Is there seriously any reason NOT to buy shares of this company?  Cause I can't find one.. Other than a bunch of Security Preferred A Shares..

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