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Varchild2008 (84.02)

Varchild Reviews Gamestop Tablet Strategy



November 03, 2011 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Here's the breakdown on Gamestop's 3 Gaming Tablets:

1) ACER 8GB 7 inch Tablet:  $369.98

2) ASUS Transformer 16 GB 10 Inch Tablet:  $439.98

3) SAMSUNG 16 GB 10 inch Tab: $539.99

Similarities amongst all 3:

1)  Standard Memory 1GB
2)  All 6 Bundled Digital Games are the same:

         A)  Dead Space, Re-Load, Cordy, Sonic CD, Monster Madness, Riptide GP

3)  Bluetooth Joystick.   This joystick is customizeable where you can assign any action to any button.
It has built in rechargeable unit with batteries, charger cable (plugs into wall) is included.
4)  Kongregate Arcade App is preloaded.
5) GAME INFORMER Digital link is preloaded.
6) Dual-Core Processor at 1 GHz, but I couldn't confirm 1Ghz processor on the SAMSUNG page.
I have to assume it is the same.

Differences amongst all 3:

Operating System:
ACER                         Android 1.0

ASUS                         Android 3.0

SAMSUNG                 Android 3.1

Screen Resolutions:
ACER                   1024 x 600
ASUS                    1280 x 800              (Note:  iPAD 2 is 1024 x 600, not 1280!)
SAMSUNG           1280 x 800

ACER           both
ASUS           both
SAMSUNG could not confirm HDMI, but it has Webcam

Here's the thing. If you trade in your iPhone whatever into a Gamestop store you could ask for Store credit. They hand out more store credit than they do CASH for your old iPhone.

So you take that Store Credit ($110 for an iPhone 3GS 16GB) and apply it toward the price of say the ASUS. Price becomes $329.98 without considering sales taxes.

You could do this elsewhere right?  No not exactly.  Best Buy offered LESS MONEY for my iPhone than Gamestop.

So for $329.98 you get about $30 worth of preloaded games (assuming each game is $4.99 and so far I could only confirm one of them is $4.99). You get a $39 Bluetooth Joystick bundled built into the prices.

You pay for a $39 joystick as prices are $39 more expensive but get about $30 worth of games FREE.
You are only paying $80 more than a NOOK COLOR under this scenario.

Do these tablets allow you to buy books through Barnes and Noble? NO! You buy them through GOOGLE E-Book Store.  The ACCLAIM RUMOR turned out to be FALSE!

That's a big setback for me.  Now I have to do research to see if I will be the least bit happy buying books through GOOGLE E-Book Store. :-\

However.... Assuming that I would be satisfied with GOOG E-Book Store instead of Barnes and Noble E-Store....assuming that...

What's not to love here?

The SAMSUNG and ASUS Transformer Tablets are superior in just about every way in technology versus the iPAD 2, Kindle Fire, or Nook Color.

And you get FREEBIE bundled games buying the tablet at Gamestop....
SQUAT buying it elsewhere.

Yes the price is more expensive than buying the tablets at AMAZON.

BUT!   You will not be able to buy the joystick at AMAZON and you will not have the bundled
games when you buy from AMAZON.

BOTTOM LINE:    Gamestop's  SAMSUNG Galaxy Tablet 10.1  16GB  is $539.98, with joystick,
with 6 games bundled for free.

Amazon's SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 10.1 16 GB is $499.99 brand new.

No Joystick.......No FREE bundled games.

If Gamestop succeeds with this deal, and I hope they do cause it would be silly for customers to avoid Gamestop in favor of buying a lesser version of the tablet elsewhere...with as far as I can tell no wireless joystick!

Let's say you do buy a SAMSUNG Tablet at AMAZON....Fine... If you want the Joystick...Only Gamestop sells it.  Not sure if they will sell it separately.

What you end up with is paying the same price as GAMESTOP but you don't have the bundled games.   Which could be around $30 worth of FREE games YOU DID NOT GET because you bought your tablet elsewhere!

In short....I am personally happy with what Gamestop did here.
But, you can go ahead in the comments section and explain to me how this isn't an excellent deal here.

P.S.  Cordy and Sonic CD on a tablet with wireless controller?  think about it:-)

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#1) On November 03, 2011 at 8:45 PM, Varchild2008 (84.02) wrote:

Of course,  I discovered that Amazon has listings of these tablets USED at big discounted prices.

But, a little unfair comparing USED AMAZON versus BRAND NEW Gamestop.   Gamestop is new to the Tablet business so they do not yet have any used/refurbished versions.

So way to compare Gamestop vs. Amazon in either the USED or Refurbished categories.

Amazon extended warranty $45, and you will want one buying an expensive tablet, USED or REFURBISHED in my opinion.

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