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Varchild sticks his neck out: Buy AIRTRAN Holdings (AAI)



May 19, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AAI.DL2

Besides my own flight to Las Vegas which stopped in Atlanta there and back....and all 4 flights were packed either near to full capacity....  I did spend time in all 3 airports (Detroit, Atlanta, Las Vegas) to observe capacity levels in other flights for Airtran.

What flights?

1) Ft. Wayne
2) Dallas
3) Orlando
4) Ft. Lauderdale
5) Memphis

All of which looked near to full capacity to me.

Putting one's personal experience is meaningless right?  Except Airtran's flights were far more customer gracious than Northwest Airline flights....offering numerous times to customers for snacks and beverages.  (I don't even get a snack on Northwest).

The Satellite Radio plug-in is also quite nice.  You flip down the arm bar and there it is..plug-in your earphones in the bottom.

So...I guess I'm a believer in "Personal Experiences" and I am also using today's report on yahoo finance of the surprising Customer Approval ratings for Airlines in general that has gone up considerably.  This is BULLISH for Airlines in general.

And since I now prefer Airtran over many other choices.... I have to be a BUYER of (AAI).
Especially since it has fallen to a 6 handle.

So you heard it here....



Of course.... I did stick my neck out for GM recently and that's been a disaster... So take my recomendation worth a grain of salt.

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