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Varchild2008 (84.00)

Varchild's Debt Plan: Sell America!



July 28, 2011 – Comments (1)

First, I haven't gone through the comment string to my previous post yet but I will and if anyone can point out the wonderful savings in John Boehner's or Harry Reid's plans that I should get excited about then great! 

In the meantime, here's Varchild's Debt Plan!


1)  FT. KNOX  GOLD  Stockpile)   At $1619 give or take per once.....There could be TRILLIONS of dollars of GOLD in United States of America's Gold Reserves.

Who would buy the GOLD????  Who wouldn't???   China....India.....

2)  Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac Home Mortgages)    There's probably Billions of dollars worth of this stuff sitting on their balance sheets... They have my mortgage and I pay my House Bill early!!  

These mortgages are going to carry a 4.5 - 5.5% Interest rate monthly and that could typically mean $500+ per month per good standing mortgage.  I'm sure plenty of financial institutions the whole world around would covet some of these assets and pay a pretty price for them.

3) Museums & Zoos) No seriously... Privatize some of these... These are not just Multi-million dollar properties but Smithsonian Museum is easily in the Billions!

How do I know you can get Multi-Billions just by offering up the Smithsonian to Privatization?
DTE Energy Art Museum in Detroit Michigan renovated their facility with a major renovation that required $1 Billion when it was done a few years back.

DTE Energy Art Musuem is absolutely impressive with fancy new architecture, eating area, and several floors of priceless art.  Not just paintings but fine art pieces from all over the world from furniture pieces to Vases and Dinnerware and on and on and name it....

But seriously.... It ain't the Smithsonian.

4) UTAH Land)   The Federal Government owns more of UTAH than UTAH does.
At $10,000 per 5.47 acres (roughly) 5 million acres sold would net $50 Billion!!

UTAH is over 84,000 square miles or over 53 million acres in size.  If the FEDs own most of UTAH then selling just 5 million of those ACRES is a pittance.

5) ALASKAN land)  Imagine the Federal Government selling ALASKA?

Federal Government owns TONS of Land in their Anwaar stake.  At $64,000 per 4.5 Acres (YES! When you know there's tons of oil underneath or perhaps even bits of GOLD, Alaskan land is quite frankly one of the most precious land to buy).... I mean think about all of the Oil Companies like SHELL that are BEGGING to buy some Alaskan Land to drill for oil.

Want out of this Debt Nightmare?   There's probably HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars to be had out of selling Alaskan Land.

No... I am not suggesting SELL EVERYTHING!!!!!       Just need to sell enough stuff to bring down our Deficit to ZERO.   And folks.... The Government could sell it on a Rental/Lease basis so as to receive reoccuring payments out of the UTAH/ALASKAN land or the sale of ZOOS, Museums, and other properties.  There's no need for America to just flat out sell itself....It could just temporarily lease itself out to buyers!

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#1) On July 28, 2011 at 7:15 PM, Varchild2008 (84.00) wrote:

OOPS!!!  Major mistake!!

I should have said DIA Museum in Detroit Michigan.

Detroit Institute of Art.

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