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Varchild's Predictions for 2012 (Politics)



October 01, 2009 – Comments (0)

1)  OBAMA gets impeached in 2012.

2)  Afghanistan war is LOST 2010.   We pull troops out rather than letting them get picked off like sitting ducks without proper vehicles, armor, and resources that the Commander McChrystal asked. 

Instead of complying with Commader McChrystal detailed plan.... The Plan is collecting DUST.  This is President Obama thinks regarding the value of the life of your Military SON or DAUGHTER...

Not Important or urgent enough of value to Obama to make any kind of expediant decision when a detailed plan is presented to him.

Granted.... Presidents should have some time to review a detailed plan.
However,  President Obama doesn't have the decency to shed and transparency on how long he plans on taking while our troops are dying.

*Hence*  Pretty good premise to the Obama Impeachment prediction if Obama delays and delays and delays and delays until AFTER he gets his precious PUBLIC OPTION into law....

I fully agree with Rush Limbaugh on this.... The Delay is more to do with the PUBLIC OPTION Obsession and than with actual detailed review of Commander McChrystal's plan  (whom Pres. Obama met with only ONCE in 70 days)  (and that was just to tell him to delay his plan and to delay asking for more troops).

3)  Double Dip Recession DOES HAPPEN  and October 1st is the start.   DOW 8000 iminent.

Plan of attack? Block your eyes!  Portfolios are going to be deeply red this Month.   The first day of the month sets the TONE for what is about to happen.  Heck even the Techies are starting to crack under the pressure of the charts that are breaking through lower barriers...the stocks that have busted through support after another....strong stocks with nothing optimism finding ways to trade lower...

Armageddon #2.... *sigh*

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