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starbucks4ever (64.43)

Via is not for connoisseurs



October 04, 2009 – Comments (2)

Well, maybe I am an untypical consumer, but my conclusion after a taste test today is a strong "No" for the Via initiative. There IS a very strong difference in taste, and it is certainly not in favor of Via. I could tell the difference right away. Via could sell well in supermarkets like yet another instant coffee brand, but to put it alongside the authentic Starbucks brand would be a travesty. I have a hard time seeing how this thing will succeed. The people who could buy it are those who don't care about the taste of coffee, and once they don't care, they have a million cheaper options. And for the people who do care, Via just doesn't make the cut even if they start selling it for 50 cents a cup. 

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#1) On October 05, 2009 at 12:22 AM, RainierMan (65.14) wrote:

Well, here in Seattle, 60 percent of the Starbucks customers get it wrong. Including me, and I hate instant coffee. I only buy Starbucks coffee. And I thought I hated Via. Then I failed the taste test. Now, I don't claim to be some connoisseur, but I think it's probably better than a lot of premium coffee drinkers think it is.

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#2) On October 05, 2009 at 8:51 AM, russiangambit (28.86) wrote:

I also think Starbucks is cheapening its brand this way. But it is too be expected, they are desperate. Now MCD has coffee and  general population is switching big time. It is hip to be furgal these days.

As for me, Stabucks is OK, but they are too pricey for me. I only get it may be a coule of times a year in the mall or airport where all other options are even worse.

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