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Wall Street Investors need to be DRUG TESTED



September 18, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: X , SID , KRFT.DL

Forget Lance Armstrong and his return to bycycling in France for an 8th victory because 7 isn't enough. 

Wall Street Investors are the one's who need to be Drug Tested.  Get a load of the market today...

*Arrrrggggh! Let's trash stocks to their 52-week lows and beyond..... wait...wait..wait..huff...puff...Let's bring the stocks back to their 52-week highs and beyond!!!..arrrgggh...wait....wait...Trash the stocks!!!!.... Buy the Stocks!!!.... Why isn't the DOW trading at 0?? or 15,000 yet?*

I take a glance Down up +130.... another glance Dow -100.... Dow -450.... Dow -1,980....Dow +2,000.

Enough already!

Get these Wall Street Investors to take a CHILL PILL and get themselves Drug Tested for ACID/PCP/THT and other nasty things.

Cause my eyeballs are about to fall out from the madness.

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