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Wall Street Shutting America Down



July 09, 2010 – Comments (1)

First it outsourced our production....

Then it replaced our production with consumption by lending America over $50 trillion dollars publicly and privately

Finally, after America was infected with a massive amount of debt and primarily dependent on domestic consumption to function.....Wall Street started to cut America off of credit and the private sector started to shut down......

Now Wall Street is about to shut America down as its cities, counties, states, hospitals, and schools get cut off from credit.....

And the only one's being bailed out is Wall Street and Washington.....

How the sheep never saw this coming is absolutely amazing.....and how we bailed out Wall Street as it is shutting down America is even more amazing........

Now the only thing left to do after cutting off our oil supply in the Gulf of Mexico is to cut off our oil supply in the Persian Gulf.....that will really propel us forward into the Digital the Industrial Age becomes history....

Flying J's Bankruptcy - 2,500 Jobs Lost

Southern Illinois University - Warns of Layoffs / Furloughs

Over 100 Dental offices have Closed in Arizona over the past year

Westchester Medical Center - 130

Fletcher Granite in Westford Mass. Closed for Good - All 75 Employees let go

Chevron - 150 Truck Drivers in California 

Now that production as moved overseas...the American people really don't offer Wall Street very much....especially since they have cut us off of credit.....and we bailed them out?

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