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Washington/Wall Street Vs. USA



April 07, 2010 – Comments (0)

Washington and Wall Street basically have unlimited access to our capital at or near zero percent......where as the rest of the nation, including private businesses and families must pay much higher rates if they can even get access to credit at all.  Not only that, the private savers are not getting much interest on their savings simply so Washington and Wall Street can access it for free and pay workers incredible salaries while much of the rest of the nation is shutting down and/or going broke.

The problem is if the rest of the nation goes broke....the tax receipts to government will simply be a product of government borrowing and spending and not the productivity of the nation.  If that happens, our currency could become worthless and interest skyrocket to unsustainable levels.

Tax revenues are already reaching critically low levels.

It is amazing how so few see what is going on.......our nation is shutting down and we are only bailing out a select the question will be what happens when revenues to government become so low......that government can no longer function as we know it?????

The Beallsville post office - Possibly Closing

Thomas Jefferson Preschool 

DJ’s Music Store in Port Orchard WA

The Goodwill retail store at 1206 W. Main St in Danville VA

D's Magnolia in Roseburg Oregon

St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center

The Fayette Tire Co. in Ga

The University Print Shop Texas

City of Flagstaff AZ - 33

Garland USA - 200

Takoma Park city - 10

Abington Memorial Hospital - 75

Fort Bend Independent School District - 470

The Kern Community College District - 14 Possible 

City of Millville NJ - up to 15

Mohawk Central School District NY - Considering Layoffs

Update: Live Nation - 100

Roscoe Steel & Culvert - 40

Missouri - New Budget = 1,000

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