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December 17, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: F , GRO , TWLL.DL

I had a great post and then Firefox crashed on me and I lost it.  Here is the new, abbreviated version.

I have an extensive watch list of stocks that are future buys for me when I have the money.  Below is a list of my three top performers to date and why I think that they will continue their growth.  Please feel free to add anything as I am the investing equivalent of a JV waterboy.


Ford (F: 252.46% since 3/19/09)

My explanation is simply two words: Alan Mulally.  He came in and asked very obvious questions that long-time auto industry execs had failed to answer:

Why waste so much money promoting so many different brands?

Why ditch company icons because we screwed them up?  Why not fix them?

Where is all of our money?  We should take out as much credit as possible in case we need it.

After focusing on the Ford brand (as Alan himself constantly says) they've returned North America and the rest of the company to profitability.  With what is likely to be a steady increase in market share over the next few quarters coupled with slashed costs I see only good things ahead for the next few years.

Agria (GRO: 50.02% since 9/8/09)

A Chinese ag company that has experienced huge revenue growth in the past year.  Their sales are continuing to grow which will benefit them immensely as they run huge profit margins (which will eventually come down but not for the next year or two at least).  I don't know a lot about their executive management aside from the fact that a lot of it came from PriceWaterhouseCooper, but I still like the explosive growth potential here.

Techwell (TWLL: 43.43% since 9/3/09)

Large maker of the brains of surveillance and automobile infotainment systems (read navigation).  As these systems become more and more common the demand for Techwell's products will increase.  Additionally, their management looks like a boat anchor.  Their CEO was there at the founding of the company and doesn't appear to be going anywhere, as do any of the other executive managers.  The greenest manager started in 2005.


I wish the original hadn't gotten lost in the void of my computer, but please provide any input that you may have.  Happy hunting.

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#1) On December 17, 2009 at 9:18 PM, rd80 (94.35) wrote:

No input on your stocks, but if you use Word to write a blog, then copy-paste it you avoid losing everything to a Firefox crash or to TMF's cyber goat.  Hyperlinks even transfer over from Word.

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