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We Are Approaching The Three Year Aniversary Of This Post



July 03, 2012 – Comments (0)

The Institute of Alstrynomics estimates about 80% of our population is depends on Government spending and/or the extension of credit for incomes.

Let me explain how this number is arrived at briefly. About 1/3 of the population is dependant on Social Security, Welfare, and/or Unemployment. About 20%-25% of the population works directly for the government or a government contractor. Right there we are at about half the population....then add in the fact that over half the revenues to health care comes from government and we can see how the number escalates well over 50% simply generating income as a result of government spending.

Then think about all the jobs that were created simply from the excessive extension of credit. Jobs on Wall Street. Jobs at Sub Prime Lenders. Millions of Construction Jobs. Retail Jobs. Travel Industry Jobs etc. And it was the excessive lending that created the bubble in real estate that drove even more revenues to government.

As you can see, almost our entire ecnomomy was a product of the postive feedback loop between easy credit and excessive government spending over the past ten years.

As a result of so much credit extended and so much debt is clear that very few qualify to borrow money any more. Our cities, counties and states are over extended.....and tax receipts are declining. Many of our citizens are over extended and their incomes are declining. And much of our residential and commercial real estate is heavily leveraged and their revenues streams and values are declining.

If you add up the total debt, WITHOUT ENTITLEMENT OBLIGATIONS, it exceeds over $50 Trillion dollars. It is a mathematically impossible number to pay back and now receipts, values, and incomes declining, it is getting much more difficult to service.

Due to a contracting economy, more and more American municipalities, individuals, corporations become insolvent.....our Wall Street Banks are already insolvent but the taxpayers are bailing them out so they can continue to foreclose on our homes and businesses.

We know the problem is only going to get worse because without extending credit, the economy will continue to contract. And with so few qualified to borrow, we know that very little in the way of new lending can occur because those who are can borrow really have no reason to borrow.

As a result of the above, tax receipts to government are evaporating and over half of our country is dependant on government to survive economically. Without purging the debt, most of the dollars will flow to the banks to service the debt and the percentage will continue to rise as long as we maintain that obligation that was created by the banking system.

You see, the banks really never cared whether the debt could be serviced or not because the real money was in the Credit Default Swaps. By creating more debt than the nation could sustain, the Fed and the Banking system has Zombulated our economy.

Based on the current policies articulated by Benny B in the video below, you know with mathematical certainty that this unwind is just beginning and there is lots more to go.....

The question is whether the country is prepared for the social fallout of massive unemployment, fewer law enforcement officers, and a judicial system that is backed up and shutting down?

Right now the citizens are getting restless.....let's see what happens when millions more are Zombulated, basically run out of money and access to credit, and learn exactly what the Fed and banking system did to our nation.

What was true 3 years ago is becoming increasingly palpable today....welcome to the 

Where technology will replace the Industrial Zombies enslaved by a fraudulent banking system

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