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We Don't Need Jobs In A Technologically Driven World



August 24, 2011 – Comments (0)

Steve Jobs was a mere human in an increasingly technologically driven world.  Apple's technological intelligence/functionality was doubling every few years, Jobs' was not.  Although he was instrumental in building the technology became more advaced, Jobs became more irrelevant.

Now Apple's competitive advantage is being reversed engineered with Droid at faster and faster rates.  As a matter of fact, the technology is moving so fast that HP exited the arena, after spending BILLIONS, knowing that margins were compressing faster than they could develop and compete.

As technological efficiency destroys margins going forward...expect the notion of profit to evaporate compared to expectations in the a matter of fact, it will become increasingly difficult to overcome R&D expenses going forward as the speed of efficiency increases and human functioning is replaced by technological intelligence.

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