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We're So Full of Ourselves



May 03, 2011 – Comments (8)

I say "we" as in the majority of Americans, not as individuals.  Yet what I'm about to show you is right off my facebook page, with personal information deleted/changed.  This is an exchange between myself (whacky libertarian freedom lover) and a democrat friend of mine.  His wife actually owns an Organic Food Store, so I was expecting him to be a little more left and therefore a little less pro-War.

ME: I'm very happy Osama Bin Laden is no more. Now can we end the "War on Terrorism"?

HIM: I think "they" need to end it first.

ME: "they" are all dead or in custody (I'm assuming you're talking about the 9/11 conspirators). I think over throwing the democratically elected gov't of Iran and replacing it with a dictator, supporting dictators w/money and military might in Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Iraq over the past 50 years probably didn't win us too many friends over the years. Sending drones into Pakistan and killing children isn't helping too much either. Blowing up Afghan villages and finding out no terrorists were there is just "collateral damage" that the Afghans should expect. So, can we assume when you say "they" you mean "us"?

HIM: Nope. I meant the ones who strap bombs to themselves and blow up markets. I meant the ones who load SUV's with explosives and park them in Times Square. I meant the ones who want to bring down planes with their explosive shoes. But that stuff that WE do ain't so great either so, i get your point.

At this point I thought I was getting him to at least think that the world isn't America = "goodness, freedom, fluffy bunnies" and the Middle East isn't = "evil, haters, pointy lizards"

ME: Yet everything WE did happened first. This is what the CIA calls "blow back".

HIM: rrrrrright. because if it weren't for us, they'd be boy scouts.


What bothers me so much about my liberal, conservative, independent and politically uninterested friends is this firm belief that terrorists hate us and that America was and is totally innocent.  These people hate us because we're mostly Christian and free (sadly we're mostly Christian and partially free, which is the same as saying partially slaves).

Well I'm laying it out for all Americans (myself included).  America is an empire.  Since World War 2,  have been engaged in war for 25 years.  We have killed millions in support of "American Freedom", in which NONE of the wars were Constitutionally declared and NONE of the enemy's could have threatened our soveriegnty.  And after all this time we find ourselves fighting a never-ending war on terrorism, while Americans bicker amongst themselves for gov't health care and Social Security.

We are unequivocally a nation in decline!



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#1) On May 03, 2011 at 3:54 PM, Jbay76 (< 20) wrote:

sad but soooo true...

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#2) On May 03, 2011 at 5:09 PM, outoffocus (23.05) wrote:

I would even argue the "mostly Christian" part. 

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#3) On May 03, 2011 at 10:33 PM, FleaBagger (27.47) wrote:

We mostly claim to be Christians 

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#4) On May 04, 2011 at 9:19 AM, djemonk (< 20) wrote:

if you change "Democrat" to "Republican," you'd have every internet messageboard exchange from 5 years ago.  When "your team" is in power, America is a shining beacon of freedom and hope.  When "the other team" is in power, we're an evil empire who is reaping what we've sown.

It sucks that our choices are between partisanship and libertarians who, while generally correct, are so obnoxious they make Al Gore seem as cool as Tyler Durden.  I'm a libertarian, but I wouldn't vote for any libertarians I've ever met, seen, or read.

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#5) On May 04, 2011 at 9:48 AM, djemonk (< 20) wrote:

I'm waiting for a libertarian candidate to come along that people can connect with.  Maybe the movement would get some momentum behind it at that point!

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#6) On May 04, 2011 at 10:01 AM, afewgoodstocks11 (36.55) wrote:

Is it just me, or did you notice that they don't actually have bin Laden's body?

They "buried him at sea" because "he's muslim". But don't worry, they assure us that it's really him, and the military never lies, right?

For all we know B.L. has been dead for years, and the CIA needed to 'kill' him to get caught up. 

So let's recap what we KNOW.

1. The american military invaded a private estate without telling the sovereign (nuke weilding) nation.

2. They then killed an unknown number of people, of various levels of guilty/innocent, most without a trial.

3. They put the evidence in a box and dumped it "at sea".


And so will these thugs.

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#7) On May 06, 2011 at 12:26 AM, simpletalker (< 20) wrote:

I got out of the market last friday, I love AMRC, NM, RES, and yes BP:(  Look for a a flash sale on Friday, hey  why not it could happen. OH btw I love F, NXPI and WFT.

 What do we have to look forward too, 1.7 GDP growth, thats not much. I wish I had the money that most of you do, but I don't so I look for long term earners that I can afford, seeking a flash sale and then going into a buy when the oppurtinity strikes. OH yeah my first blog..

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#8) On May 09, 2011 at 9:35 AM, mtf00l (44.88) wrote:


Since your post the POTUS has congratulated and thanked them...

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