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Weekly Recap



July 19, 2013 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: EPL.DL , RGEN , WNC

So I threw out some stocks from my watchlist last week, let's see how I did versus the S&P, which had a gain of .71% from the close on 7/12 to the close today, 7/19:

Continental Resources (CLR) - Closed 7/12 at $92.78, closed today at $96.09 for a weekly gain of 3.57%.  This beat the S&P by 2.86%.  Further, everything still looks good.  It's too far off of it's 30 day SMA for me to buy into it right now, but I would continue to hold it if I already had bought in.

EPL Oil & Gas, Inc (EPL) - Closed 7/12 at $30.39, closed today at $31.27 for a weekly gain of 2.90%.  This beat the S&P by 2.19%.  The one looked ugly through the week but looks stronger today and likely set a higher low on what will hopefully be a new uptrend.  I thought I had missed the boat but I will be initiating a CAPS pick on this one Monday (unless things look ugly again, of course).

RepliGen (RGEN) - Closed 7/12 at $9.61, closed today at $9.78 for a weekly gain of 1.77%.  This beat the S&P by 1.06%.  This stock has been really juiced over the past several weeks and appears to be coming back to its 30 day SMA.  I wouldn't be comfortable opening a new position in it just yet but would continue to hold a position in it.

Rosetta Resources (ROSE) -  Closed 7/12 at $46.39, closed today at $47.27 for a weekly gain of 1.90%.  This beat the S&P by 1.19%.  While it has surged over the past two trading sessions I would still consider opening a position in this one but I would temper my expectations.

Wabash National Corporation (WNC) - Closed 7/12 at $10.47, closed today at $10.47 for no weekly gain or loss.  This underperformed the S&P by .71%.  In a weird way I'm glad this one had the week that it did.  Topping out at a new 52 week high of $11.47 I thought this train had left the station before I had been able to buy a ticket.  I had intended to start a CAPS pick on it last week but (prudently) decided that it had gotten too far ahead of me to capture any gains.  If there is a positive day on Monday I will likely open a position on Tuesday, assuming that it doesn't have another huge 5+% run on Monday.


Overall I'm pretty happy with the results this week.  If I could hit 4 out of 5 picks each week I'd be a household name by 2015.  Since this is the first week, I think I'll just treat myself to a six pack. 

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