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Weekly Recap



July 28, 2013 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: EPL.DL , ROSE.DL , WNC

Week two didn't go as well.  I only had two picks but I know that they generally sucked this week, so let's see how I fared against the S&P, which had a slight loss of .03%.

EPL - Closed 7/19 at $31.27, closed this Friday at $32.08 for a gain of 2.59%.  This beat the S&P by 2.62%.  This one did well this week and I think it is going to continue to ride for a bit.

ROSE - Closed 7/19 at $47.27, closed this Friday at $44.77 for a loss of 5.29%.  This underperformed the S&P by 5.26%.  I was right to have questioned this stock last week.  While it had moved back above its 30 day SMA last week all three buy signals that I watch for were very weak.  There was minimal volume support for the move above the SMA and both the stochastic and MACD Histogram indicators were less than impressive.  Glad I stayed away from this one.

WNC - Closed 7/19 at $10.47, closed this Friday at $10.02 for a loss of 4.30%.  This underperformed the S&P by 4.27%.  In hindsight, the writing was more clearly on the wall here than it was on ROSE but I made the classic mistake of choosing to ignore negative information.  Both the stochastic and MACDH indicators were negative for this one and it was trickling along right above its 30 day SMA.  This one should have been a big, red, circle-slash DO NOT BUY but all I saw was the upside potential.  I still like this one because I feel like the company's growth isn't properly priced into the stock but this is clearly not the correct entry point.

Overall the week wasn't terrible but it certainly wasn't great either.  Assuming equal dollar amounts invested into both EPL and WNC I would have had a loss of 1.71% this week which I could stomach.  A key part of my strategy is limiting downside, so WNC would be in the ballpark of stopping out had I actually initiated a pick for it whereas I would continue to let EPL run.  We'll have to see how I do next week. 

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