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August 05, 2013 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MTZ , GMCR.DL , EPL.DL

I think I did pretty good this week.  Let's see the results.  The S&P gave me a tough time this week as it closed on 8/2 at 1709.67, a new 52 week high and an increase of 1.05% from the previous Friday.

MasTec (MTZ) - Closed 8/2 at $34.82, which is a gain of 2.32%.  This beat the S&P by 1.27%.  This one continues to look tasty, setting a new 52 week high again today on healthily increased volume.  All of my buy indicators are still thumbs up on this one so even though it put some distance on it's 30 day SMA it still looks good.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc (GMCR) -  Closed 8/2 at $78.11, which is a gain of 3.69%.  This outperformed the S&P by 2.64%.  As I said in my pick, GMCR is an active stock.  10 day average volume for last week hovered around 2.4-2.5 million shares.  I suspect that we'll see more volume through the close on 8/7 as people trade in anticipation of the earnings release after the bell that day.  Unfortunately I have no insight to add regarding their earnings.

EPL Oil & Gas, Inc (EPL) - Closed 8/2 at $34.83, which is a gain of 8.57% over last week.  Winner winner, chicken dinner!  EPL beat up the S&P to the tune of 7.52%.  As I speculated, the valuation on this one just wasn't right and I think we're seeing the correction right now.  Even though it is way above its 30 day SMA the surging volumes indicate that it should continue to push higher.  Both the stochastic and MACD Histogram support this as well as things with EPL continue to look rosy.

I knew I had a good week but this was way beyond my expectations.  I'm pretty happy with my results to date.  While I've only made 11 picks so far, I've been correct on 8 of them against the S&P with only 2 stocks actually losing money.  Those 2 did have comparatively large negative numbers but a crucial part of my strategy involves carefully limiting those losses.  The other neat aspect of my strategy is that it is incredibly easy to backtest.  I can see my entry and exit points pretty clearly, allowing me the ability to completely dissect my picks and see what my end result would have been.  I'll try to do a monthly recap as well to shoe my longer-term performance.

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