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Weekly Recap



August 17, 2013 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: OUTR , PGTI , CBI

I only had 1 pick this week, but I killed it.  Let's see how bad I smoked the S&P, which had a loss of 2.10%.

Outerwall (OUTR) - Closed 8/9 at $60.85, closed today at $62.51 for a gain of 2.73%.  This outperformed the S&P by 4.83%.  I still like this one as all 3 of my signals remain at buy.  Further, had it not been pulled down by the greater market the past 2 sessions I think this would have been up testing its 52 week.  I think most stocks are going to succumb to macro market conditions next week with a very active and unstable international scene at present.

I'm now 10 for 15 with my picks, which is a percentage that will have me on the path to good things if I can maintain it.  I had two other picks that I wouldn't have been willing to put real money behind, but let's see how I did just for scheisses and giggles.

PGT, Inc (PGTI) - Closed 8/16 at $9.76, down 7.14% on the week.  This underperformed the S&P by 5.04%.  I was right to be leery of this one and immensely glad that I had the good sense to stay away from it.  I liked this one because of the upside potential I saw in it last week but that's precisely the type of thinking that has led me to losses throughout the bulk of my investing history.  I would focus on the huge return that I was going to get and ignore the looming storm clouds that are so painfully obvious in hindsight.  The stock still has good fundamentals but I'd stay away from it like an ex-girlfriend for now.

Chicago Bridge and Iron (CBI) - While this one was not a buy last week, it certainly is now.  It closed 8/16 at $61.27 for a gain of 2.36%.  Unlike PGTI, this one had 1 buy signal and 1 neutral signal at the beginning of last week and was just lurking under its 30 day SMA.  I love that it showed its stength on the 3 worst days of this week.  The gain means that it outperformed the S&P by 4.46% this week.  I still wouldn't have been willing to put real money behind it as of last Friday but this coming week brings about a different story.

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