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September 03, 2013 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: WNC , CBI , ARII

I'm afraid of my results this week as this was exactly the type of market that I need to outperform.  So far, I have reasonable confidence that my strategy works in bull markets.  I'd like more evidence to support that but the preliminary results look good.  I have reasonable confidence that I do well in sideways markets as well.  I have no idea what I might do in a sustained market pullback/recession/etc.  The more down weeks I get under my belt the more data I'll get.  Hopefully my strategy still works, otherwise it may force me to rethink what I'm doing, or at minimum, develop a strategy for downtrending markets.  This week the S&P rang in a loss of 1.84%.

Wabash National Corporation (WNC) - Closed 8/23 at $10.93, closed 8/30 at $10.42 for a loss of 4.67%.  This underperformed the S&P by 2.83%.  Not much to comment on here, I got crushed.  I opened a paper money trade on this one but it has turned to a sell for all 3 of my signals.  It hasn't tripped my initial stop of $10.20 and it actually just under its 30 day SMA, but I don't like this one right now.

Chicago Bridge and Iron (CBI) - Closed 8/23 at $59.83, closed 8/30 at $59.83 for a loss of 2.51%.  This underperformed the S&P by .67%.  This one is also sell on all 3 of my signals.  Much the same story here.  I also had started a paper money trade on this one and it's the same story.  It didn't trip my initial stop of $58.85 but I'm also averse to this one right now.

American Railcar Industries, Inc (ARII) - This one was the worst.  Closed 8/23 at $37.41, closed 8/30 at $35.37 for a loss of 5.45%.  This underperformed the S&P by 3.61%.  All 3 sell signals here as well.  Not much else to say.

I got crushed this week.  Things don't look particularly bright for my strategy in a down market.  Granted, this isn't a ton of data, but it's not a wonderful start either.  The 0 for 3 showing drops my total to 11 for 20, which is not at all what I'm looking for. 

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