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L0RDZ (82.16)

Weiner wants to be mayor and Spitzer a comptroller



July 10, 2013 – Comments (6)

Man  if  only  the  talking  heads  could  honestly  say  what  they  really  feel  about  these  two clowns...

 We have  one  guy  who  was all  into sharing  naked  pics  with  young  girls  and  the other was  into barebacking  young  prostitutes.

Weiner  didn't  want  to  let  his  unused  campaign  funds  go to  waste  and  spitzer  obviously  feels powerless  in  civilian  life.

Both  are  democrats   and  both of  them are scum.

Hypocrit3s   at  best  ~  criminals  and  sexual  deviants at  worst.


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#1) On July 10, 2013 at 3:26 PM, awallejr (85.54) wrote:

Bah.  I personally think it silly to make prostitution illegal.  Why the heck do you care that one person pays another in cash for sex.  Seriously. The real issue should be health concerns.  If you legalize it through a license you can then monitor the prostitute's health through the license process.

To me the only issue is between him and his wife. He has my vote because he is a pitbull. 

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#2) On July 10, 2013 at 8:01 PM, L0RDZ (82.16) wrote:

He doesn't even  have  a   financial  background  yet  you would   vote  for him because he's a  pitbull  ???


figured you'd  say  something  so  typical..

He's  a  lawyer  not  an  accountant...   and  a  bad  lawyer  because he  broke  the  same  laws  he  was  arresting  and  jailing  others for.


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#3) On July 11, 2013 at 2:11 AM, awallejr (85.54) wrote:

Oh baloney.  He wasn't a bad lawyer, he was a bad lover.

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#4) On July 11, 2013 at 9:40 AM, L0RDZ (82.16) wrote:

Again,   what  qualifies  him  to  work  as  an  accountant ?   in  an  interesting  twist   the  madam  who  he  solicited  young  girls  for  his  bare  backing   is  in  the  same  race  and  suprisingly  she  actually  has   an  accounting  degree  and  had  worked  for  wallstreeet  and   is  way more qualified  than  the  Spiter.

Unlike  the criminal spitzer  she  actually  did  time.

Its  sad  when  people  wanna  over look  facts  like  character and integrity.

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#5) On July 11, 2013 at 1:40 PM, awallejr (85.54) wrote:

Character and integrity?   Because he had sex with others?  What about all those people who break the law by speeding.  His real crime was adultery and as I said that is between him and his wife.

But how about having confidence that he will watchdog the considerable City budget.  Say what you will but he's never been a tool for anyone.  You are free to vote for the other guy.

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#6) On July 11, 2013 at 2:52 PM, L0RDZ (82.16) wrote:

Spitzer  has  no  character  no  any  honor  and  integrity,  he  used  the  powers  of  office  to  essentially  bully  and  push  his way around   as   governor  and  as  a  prosecutor  he   used  the  powers  that he  had  to  basically  punish  and  prosecute  anyone  on  an  essential  power  trip.

He  jailed  prostitutes  and  their  handlers  all  the  while  he  himself  had  violated  the  white slavery  mann  act  by  engaging and  financing  in  the  transport  of  a  young  woman  who  was  essentially  around the same age if not younger  than his own  daughter  so  as  to  engage  his  uncovered  wee  wee  into her  most private of  parts.

He was  prepared to deny deny deny it  and  even  punish the  emperior  club ~  all the while  he  was  client  number  9...

The guy is  a scum bag  loser  who   shouldn't  have a  law  license and  does not possess  the  appropriate back ground  nor  skills  required  to  essentially  even  perform  the  job   he  is  running  for..

Its  an  accounting  job... 

What people do  when  they think no one is  looking  speaks  volumes...   seeing him faking  tears   on  an  interview  for  why  he is  seeking  office  was  laughable  if  not  disrespectful  to  all  the  qualified  candidates  who  didn't  go  around  violating  decency  and  the  vows  of  marriage.

With some  young  thing  thats  freaking  sick...  whats  messed up is  when  these  old  fools  actually think  these young women  are  attracted  to  them  when  deep down  they   wanna  puke  their  brains  out  having  to   submit  sexually  to such  scum bags...

He's  a  huge  tool...

Hopefully  people  realize  that one  he  lacks  the  basic  qualifications  for  the job....   2   he's  essentially  in it  for  the  wrong  reasons.   3   he  is a  scum bag  life long  politician wanna  be  who  will  turn  old  tricks  and  use   the  gov-ment office  to essentially  abuse  the  powers  and   seek  to  get offf  on  it...  if  not  get off  inside  young  women who sell  themselves.

He shouldn't  be  on  any  ballot  except  for   whether or  not he  deserves  castration by  axe..


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