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Welcome to the, "Bank of Tiny Tim Geithner"



March 23, 2009 – Comments (1)

Welcome to the, "Bank of Tiny Tim Geithner!"  Would you like to open an account today with us Sir?

"Well, I have some questions first.  What is your going rate on a savings account?"

"Well, Sir, glad you asked.  It's about 0.0% APR."

"What!?  Why on Earth would I give you my money then?"

"Well, our Power Savings Accounts come with perks.  We don't charge you any fees for overage charges."

"Oh. That sounds good. But, how long do you expect me to pay the money back if I go over on my account?"

"Well, you see, that's another perk at the Bank of Tiny Tim Geithner.  We don't expect you to pay it back cause quite frankly, if you go over, we'll take care of your debts.  It's all part of our debt relief program."

"What!?!? That's nutz!  How do you expect to stay in business if you are buying up people's debt when they go over on their accounts?"

"Well, we at the Bank of Tiny Tim Geithner have established a beautiful, harmonius, relationship with CHINA.  You see... We just pass on all this DEBT people rack up in the form of Treasury secruties and hand it over to CHINA."

"How do you expect CHINA to keep agreeing to buy up all this debt? Don't you think there will be a breaking point here?"

"Nonsense!  America's a wonderful buyer of Chinese Goods and all that goes away if CHINA ceases buying up our DEBT.  Heck, Americans buy more Chinese Trinkets than their are Kung Fu Lessons at the Shaolin Temple...

Say... Besides opening up a Savings Account with us.... Would you be interested in buying up some of this Toxic Debt yourself? 

"What!??! Are you nutz.  No way, no how!  Why would you even ask me that crazy question?"

"Well, this is all part of our "Bad Bank" strategy for America's future!" 

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#1) On March 23, 2009 at 1:25 PM, motleyanimal (38.58) wrote:

Gawd Bless Us Everyone.

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