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Welfare for Billionaires ~ GOV-ment picking winners and losers..



May 22, 2013 – Comments (0)

So you may have  caught  word  of  Apple  going  to  Washington  to  talk about  taxations  policies  ~  and a  few  have  thought  that Apple's  roughly  30%  taxation rate  made  them  takers...

Well wait  until  you  hear  about  non taxable  organizations  such  as  the  NFL NBA  NHL & pro golf  association being tax  exempt  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   MLB  use  to  once  also  enjoy  no  taxes  until   that  sport  figured  they would rather  not  reveal   the  salaries  of  its management  members   and  thus  instead  gave up  their  no tax  status  to  keep  the  fgures  they paid  themselves $$$  they    hidden  from inquiry.

Wait  a   minute  don't  most of  the owners  who  own  such  franchises  aren't  they  billlionaires ?  wtf  why  are  we  offering  welfare  and tax exemptness  to  freaking  billionaires  who  given   the  NFL  example  made  9 billion  in  profits  last year  and  didn't  pay  a  dime  in  income tax ?

SO  why  the  F    are  we  giving  what  amounts  to  welfare  to  FREAKIN  billionaires ?

Is it  so  as to keep  the masses  entertained  while  gov-ment  robs  them and  their  children childrens blind ?

In 2010, Andrew Delaney, a Vermont Law School student, put together a fascinating paper examining the tax status of the NFL and found that the NFL was working like a "glorified tax shelter." Delaney explains:

Through for-profit companies, the NFL sells licenses to use NFL intellectual property, broadcast games, etc, making a ton of money. That money is then distributed to the individual teams. The individual teams, in turn, pay their "dues and assessments" to the NFL. I don't intend to mislead -- some taxes certainly get paid here. The teams are considered for-profit and pay regular taxes. The teams' tax liability is significantly reduced, however, when they pay their tax-deductible "dues and assessments." How much and what gets taxed is just not publicly available. And it should be if the NFL is going to enjoy tax-exempt status.

Delaney ultimately concludes that "if the NFL isn't violating the letter of nonprofit status, it's certainly violating the spirit."

The important thing here is that we the people granted the NFL this tax exemption, even if it was decades ago (Just as we granted the leagues the anti-trust exemption for negotiating television broadcast contracts.). As a result, we can revoke that exemption if the league blacks out its fans, forces fans to pay for personal seat licenses, extorts public money from municipalities by threatening to move teams, etc. The NFL may technically be a non-profit, but it sure as hell isn't acting in the public interest.

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