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Well, this is still taking longer than I thought, but it is now mostly operational



April 27, 2009 – Comments (0)

I've been working on this pretty diligently since the last blog entry in November.

The final name is "Pyxis" which is the name of the compass on the Argonaut. It seemed to fit and there aren't a trillion existing uses like with Northstar.

This weekend marked the final database disaster recovery tests. What I did was backup the database, drop all the tables and then drop the database, rebuild all the tables from the create script and then restore the backup and test. MySql turns out to be pretty easy to backup and restore. The backup isn't the most efficient thing in the world and if I was running a 10Tb data market it wouldn't work at all, but for what I am doing it is working fine. Put me down as more impressed with  MySql than I would have thought.

Part of what has been keeping me busy with this is feature creep. I added CAGR calculation (both for individual stocks and the whole portfolio) and some market timing signals from Mechanical Investing board.

Still a lot of features that are on the list to implement, but I am about ready to call this verison 1.0 and say it is done. (The new features desired include a scoreboard that will tell me the state of the market signals when I log in and better user management. I also need to fix some layout glitches that cause the screen to jump as some of the subcomponents resize. The color scheme also needs some real work according to my esthetics consultant.)

So there is progress, it is just kinda moseying along.


Chris - GWT still rocks

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