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amassafortune (29.16)

What Are The Chances? Rapture Day Attempt 3.xx 5-21-2011



May 21, 2011 – Comments (5)

Each turn of the birdcage appears to mix the mix in

ever-increasingly contorted, convoluted, convulsed arrays.

I-17, I-17, I-17 dances every way you want it to,

An imagined prelude bound to produce the anticipated call-out.

Must you be the number or must you be the fool,

Thinking positive thinking would reside in that neighborhood?


In the end, as any cage eventually does, the object is released.

No number of rotations alters the odds, but the release does.

You could justify your mental, N-37 failure

A diagonal run when used with your G-56 hope.


The powerful and powerless alike, if a part of this world at all,

Take those chances.

A ride too short for a belt, a puff deserved or needed, a drink not prescribed with that pill.

Just this G-60 once.


Just this once let it happen to me

Just this once make it not happen

I’l make an O-74 deal with you

How many times have we dropped to our visualization, B-7 knees

Invoking mental surety, more comforting than the mahogany-skinned

Walls of a bailed-out I-16 bank?

Oh, so close.


And the ages? Would you trust the wisdom of the ages,

Passed down by flawed beings long before auto-sum and spellcheck?


To will it or avoid it by will

As folly as the hope for world peace

When that world still contains creatures with instinct.


No number of rotations alters the odds, but the release does.

The release, or a new game.

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#1) On May 21, 2011 at 10:26 AM, L0RDZ (90.27) wrote:

ANd   I  thought I was odd....  LOL...

Can you  restate that so lesser fools can understand ?

The cage doors may be opened, but no one is coming out.

Some cages are homes, some are like defensive castles.

Anyways good luck..

Chance favors those already on the dance floor :)


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#2) On May 21, 2011 at 3:28 PM, amassafortune (29.16) wrote:

The birdcage, refers to the bingo caller's tool for randomly generating numbers. Whether it's bingo, investing, finding a mate, or lifestyle choices, we psychologically talk ourselves into thinking we have an edge. For investing, we do that with charts, subscribe to the writings of gurus, consult people we respect, or just try to copy someone who seems successful.

The bingo number birdcage analogy is similar to the claw game in Toy Story where the "claw decides who stay and who will go." The toys have ascribed much more power to the claw than it deserves, much as Harold Camping, the 89-yr old pastor of today's low-turnout rapture prediction did when he backed into his end of days calculation. 

In the investing realm, we see these people pop up and predict Dow 30,000 at the top of the dot com bubble, or similarly crazy guesses at market bottoms. 

In effect, Harold Camping decided he needed I-17 for his BINGO! and as he re-read bible passages, they all seemed to confirm what he already believed. 

I also poke fun at the power of positive thinking and visualization techniques that are the subject of many self-help tools and business seminars. As an ancient athlete, though, I know there are feats I could not accomplish until I completely believed I could do them. 

I-16, oh, so close, is a simple reference to just missing the I-17 target - another point used by people like Harold Camping. 

"creatures of instinct" could be a Madoff or a Nelson Bunker Hunt. There are plenty of very successful people who can never be content with being just in the top 1% of the world's money or power. This is a reminder that once we have our needed wealth, and we've gone pretty far beyond what we thought we would need to be happy and secure, don't forget to enjoy the life you worked so hard to prepare for. 

So many of these guys who take a hard fall could have awakened this morning and gone on an adventure with a grand-child that would be impossible for nearly everyone else. Instead, they either suffer the consequences of, fear, or are fighting a well-deserved indictment that has/will nullify everything they worked for.

Even men like Warren Buffett and Jim Tressel, who were seen as extremely driven but principled, have evidence of how hard it is to pull back from a long, successful trend. Investor advise to reign in greed - Always leave some for the next guy.   

As each wooden ball falls from the birdcage, the odds change. All our hope, wishing, and bargaining while the caller turns the cage makes no difference. 

89-yr old Harold Camping is close to getting a game reset. For him, and people who make risky choices (seatbelts, drinking, cheating mean people) his prediction may be close to true. For the rest of us, our choices still trump prophecy in determining our futures. 

If Harold is correct though, Santa Claus gets a vacation year this year.   


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#3) On May 21, 2011 at 11:46 PM, L0RDZ (90.27) wrote:

I understand I have no edge...   But I will meet the armies of Mordor on the battefield  nonetheless,   not for death or glory,   but for  Rohan  and its people :)

I will ride out against much hate, and hope that reinforcements make it in time to make the battle  not so one sided.

If I fall, there will be no bail outs or  no your too big too fail,  this I understand to a fault, no one will be there to pick me up, so I must prepare myself to bleed each and every day.

....willingly going into the battle knowing that im gonna get my brains beaten out, i'm going to bleed really bad, this i am prepared for, willing to sacrifice, all that i am, all that i was, should i fall, no one will be there to pick me up, no one to cry for me, so i continue to get up, hurt and in pain, i carry on. I needn't know of you, you only need to know of me for I am the one !!!

I've always been more lucky than good, and hopefully my luck favors me with my preparations and  back up plans to my back up plans of my back up plans  when all else fails.

When all else fails  run like hell, don't look back.

Zombie land rules  :)

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#4) On May 22, 2011 at 12:25 AM, L0RDZ (90.27) wrote:



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#5) On May 23, 2011 at 9:00 AM, lemoneater (57.42) wrote:

The Bible says that not even the Son (Jesus) knows the day. Mark 13:32. Why Harold Camping thought that he would have special knowledge beyond that given to Jesus is beyond me.

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