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What Buffett Doesn't Tell You



August 25, 2011 – Comments (1)

In 1900, America's TOTAL population was about 75,000,000 people.....less than 1/4 of the population today.  To put that number in is about the present number of people receiveing Social Security.....and not much more than the 50,000,000 people obtaining food stamps/aid.

How America Has Changed Over Last 100 Years - 1900 to 2000

America was very fortunate to be the primary benficiary of the Industrial Age.... the jobs lost to efficiency driven by the tractor in agriculture were more than offset by the tens of millions of jobs created by Industrializaton.  Initially, the primary beneficiaries of the Industrial Age was relatively low population America and more populated Europe.  We collectively achieved a material standard of living unmatched in history....despite a few World Wars in between.

However, much of Africa and Asia never participated....we have all seen the pictures.

As America started to outsource jobs in the early eighties....we started compensating by borrowing money and creating different kinds of jobs...service jobs, education, financial jobs, health care jobs, etc.....and as a result, between 1980 and 2010 America's total public and private debt (not including entitlement obligations) mushroomed from about $5 trillion to OVER $50 trillion.

But the private credit bubble started to come to an end in 2008, for the first time in 30 years banks cut off credit to Americans.  As a result, the tens of millions of jobs created by debt are the fastest rate in history.  Compounding this problem is the fact that technology is now replacing jobs and human functioning, something Alstry identifies as Zombulation.

The America Industrial Economy is jobs drive income and income drives the ability to consume the basic necessities for survival.  Without jobs, people can't pay taxes, buy houses, obtain insurance, pay debts, or purchase food/fuel

In other words, the American Economic Model collapses without SUFFICIENT numbers of people holding jobs.  This is not doom and gloom, simply a mathematical fact.  And now that banks are cutting off credit to Main Street (the American Population) AND millions of jobs are being replaced by will America deal with a MASSIVE population that does NOT have jobs?

60,000,000 people on Social Security.....

50,000,000 people on Food Stamps/Assistance

15,000,000 people on unemployment and another 15,000,000 whose benefits expired.

20,000,000 people working for government that is running a HUGE deficit

Washington and Wall Street comitted over $23 trillion of TAXPAYER dollars bailing out the financial class (the top 10% of America) and NOT Main Street.......

as Main Street continues to collapse......

the CONVULSIVE question is....., in a system dependent on jobs to function....will more and more of America start to resemble much of Africa as the credit that built our present PONZI economy is withdrawn by Wall Street compounded by technology replacing MILLIONS OF jobs?

Detroit.....Baltimore....The Rust Belt......

and if so....who gets bailed out and who doesn't?  Who gets to lie....and who doesn't?

Welcome to  the unpasteurized view into the 21st century as many still stare at the technologically traded ticker.

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#1) On August 25, 2011 at 12:56 PM, L0RDZ (88.10) wrote:

Interesting, but all in all,  AL your simply  another passenger on the titanic,  the only thing is you're on the ship talking all the while the ship is taking water and saying see I told ya'll so ??  so what ???  what now  ??

So your job got taken by some automation or  computer program or system,  sooks  to be you than ??

Let the ticker  go to zero or infinity,  the sum is still the same in the end.

Lets create a system not dependant upon jobs,  jobs sook anyways,  men were not designed to sit in cubicles or factories from sunrise to sunset.

Death to the system.

It's already dead anyways.

On some BS  life-support.


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