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What Do You OWE Your Country



November 28, 2010 – Comments (0)

When Your Country Is BROKE!!!!

In Warren Buffett's case, he owes his entire fortune because he admits if the government didn't bail out his investments, Berkshire would have gone bankrupt......and the only way the government was able to bail out Warren, as too few were willing to lend anymore, was to have the FED run a Ponzi Scheme of merely printing as Bill Gross asserts.

So if Warren owes his entire fortune to government because government went broke, in part, bailing him out....what do you owe?

The analysis is not hard........

If we go to war, a big enough war where you government needs bodies.....BY LAW YOU MUST GIVE UP YOUR CHILD....OR YOURSELF IF AGE APPRROPRIATE....pretty big price.

Our government is now broke....we are firing police officers, firefighters.....we are shutting down hospitals and schools.......

Without safety.....all the wealth in the world is worthless........

What good is it to have money or wealth if you can't move around safely?

By the way, it doesn't matter how rich you the Buffett example illustrates.......the only reason you have any perception of wealth right now is because of government....government providing you safety.....government bailing out your investments.....and on 9/09 when the FDIC and Pension Guaranty was broke....government bailing out your savings and retirement.

You work for save money......your investments and "wealth" are valued in money....but as we now know......government went broke trying to maintain your perceived prosperity under the old system.....and now is operating a Ponzi Scheme with your money.....

.....what do you think you owe your government when your government needs everything you have to keep functioning?

I know most of you don't want to think about it..don't want to take any responsibility....but your "rich uncle" Sam went broke bailing on his nephew Uncle Same NEEDS many more ways than you think.....

What rights does a nation have to consume if it really doesn't produce very much?  In life, when you stop producing, and you run out of savings....the only option left is to fight or steal to consume.....and if the whole world is going broke at about the same could be one really big fight to see who gets the right to consume.

When you break down the rule of law....and those who practice religion only think about themselves and not the world around them.....the only law left is the law of the jungle......

and how do you think sheep will act in the jungle....?


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