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alstry (< 20)

What Happened to America???? and its leaders



September 27, 2008 – Comments (2)

We were once a nation founded on principals.  Our leaders put country first and concepts like life, liberty and the persuit of happiness actually meant its people. 

Now our cities can barely pay its debts.  States on the brink.  Businesses shutting down and retail and office vacancies skyrocketing.  Millions of families getting kicked out of their homes while our politicians want to give $700 Billion to a few banks????

How do we know that the politicians won't get kickbacks or the bankers won't take that money overseas before the American dollar becomes worthless?????  Look at Dodd and Frank....between them they got millions and millions of dontation from financial institutions and who knows what else????

Trust is breaking down my aren't sure if their customers will be able to pay them....utilities calling if you are just a few days late on payments.  Customers can't trust businesses either.  New home communities are ghost towns as developers shut down and abandoned those families living there.......what future do those families have there????

Companies shutting down like Heard Chevrolet....that nations largest Chevy dealership and others scaling way back.  Retail and office vacancies skyrocketing.  Airlines shrinking to a fraction of its former size affecting millions of workers, travellers, and businesses. Hotel valuations are crashing.  Many of these businesses have billions in debt that they will not be ablve to service causing more finanical distress.

Technology companies laying off tens of thousands each like HP and Dell. 

And all politicians are proposing is give $700 Billion of our money to a few friends????

Amazing....these overpaid private servants are NOW telling you what Alstry has been warning for over six months.  Scaring you with words like Great Depression, Grave, and Armegeddon.  Should you be concerned????  You are damm right with these jokers stealing from you as the ship goes down.....

The Bush family is a key investor in the Carlyle the second largest defense contractor in the world.  Where do you think its interests rest.

But if you really want a fun "inside" guys can investigate this one.

SWHI.PK is a small pubic company that owns valuble land in CA and no debt.  Its primary shareholder is Craig Stapleton....a Bush relative and current ambassador to France.  Recently, Mr. Stapleton put his son in as CEO who makes a six figure salary for not doing much other than overseeing the overseeers collecting rent from the renters.  Walker appointed two of his Harvard buddies on the board and another board member is a person who has worked for the Stapletons.

Recently, the Stapletons made an offer to take the company private.  Take a look at the appraised value of the land versus the offer.......than take a look at who the "INDEPENDENT" board members will be reviewing the offer.  This is a small company that doesn't get too much attention.......but if this is the way our French Ambassador do you think the rest of the family acts???

At this point, time is running out before things start to unravel.....revenues are shrinking so fast that FloridaBuilder can't even keep up with the even better deals coming across his desk everyday.  The faster revenues shrink....the quicker companies and cities will go bankrupt as many are very very leveraged.  Hang on.....because this will affect us all.

Interesting times indeed.





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#1) On September 27, 2008 at 1:25 PM, mliu01 (< 20) wrote:

What's wrong? Because people don't think. Because they don't believe people like you and me are saying.

 Now they started to believe becuase they saw what we said few years back is happening. Too bad, it is tooo late. 


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#2) On September 27, 2008 at 1:36 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

That is why I use the term sheeple.  We have become a nation herded into group think.  Critical thinking is a lost skill in our country.

When people say "if you don't like it, why don't you leave America?" and somehow think that is expressing some sort of is the opposite.

You don't run when times get stand up, roll up your sleaves, and fix the problem.  If you saw a person getting raped across the you look the other way and keep going???

As I said above, evil triumphs when the good do nothing.  Now we are about to learn what the true state of our economy really is......I have a lot of professional experience analyzing companies and exposing the truth....this has sort of been my way of giving back and trying to stimulate discourse.

As I have stated in a number of earlier posts....when you can't trust the finanicial statements.....not much where has this been more evident than the public homebuilders and the lies and misrepresentations by managements and the analysts that follow them.......

now our nation will suffer greatly as a consequence.

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