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What happened to Jinpan?



May 29, 2008 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: JST.DL

Increasing your revenue and earnings by about 50% each and issuing happy guidance usually makes
investors want to invest in you. At least, it usually does not motivate sellers to dump your shares at bargain prices. Chinese transformer maker Jinpan International (JST) juked that traditional mindset today by putting up spectacular growth in revenue and earnings, issuing guidance for a strong 2008 overall, and shedding 15% of its share price.

What's going on? Unfortunately, I do not have all the data I would need to find out. But I'll probably put a little money into JST tomorrow anyway, on instinct. (Don't try this at home, kids.) 

Disclosure: Jinpan does not make the combat-ready, shapeshifting robot kind of transformer; it makes the cast resin, voltage-altering kind of transformer. 

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#1) On May 29, 2008 at 10:03 PM, Tastylunch (28.56) wrote:

Hey Flea just wanted to follow up on the previous comment in older blog. I think I wasn't clear.

I have no issue with you doing whatever with the google ads. I certainly don't blame you trying to get some cash.Money is money. I also don't care what content comes up in them, if people don't like what's in the ad they don't have to click it imo.

But you do have the ads in a really inconvenient location on the page (for the reader) that's all I meant. Also at least in my browser (firefox) they are all over the place. There were 3 or four boxes full of them. They are in the way of your site navigation. It's just a little much. :-)

 I actually like the penny stock ads, they give me CAPS redthumb ideas. :-) 

I hope you get the readership you want. 

My guess is you'll probably be right about NDAQ. I plead ignorance on jinpan

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